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    Time to step up and overcome my aa

    Let me first introduce myself to the forums, my name is John i live in baltimore md. I have had success with women in the past but they were all internet meeting or hooked up through a friend, in other words i've never stepped up and opened a set.

    I suffer from extreme approach anxiety which is weird because i dont have self confidence issues. Women have told me im attractive i guess i just feel like im going to come off sounding like i dork. Anyways i picked up the book Mystery Method and watched several videos on youtube with mystery and other pua's. Also i have watched pick up artist from vh1 a few times to see the book material in action.

    I started a daily journal with daily goals, im on day three and im not happy with my results as my goal has been the same for three days. To open sets with indirect opinion openers. I have just spent three days freezing up.

    I know this is long sorry its my intro to my journey,..

    So starting tomorrow i have made the decision in my head that i dont care how the sets turn out im going to open them. Even if they blow up in my face im not going to care. I'm not worrying about number closing or anything i just want to get over my aa.

    I hope to have all your help and support through my journey as i chose this forum to keep people updated as well as get advice from.

    For now im only doing day game as i havent been to a club or bar in i dont know how long and just the thought of going to one to chill makes me nervous. So until my aa goes away i wont be using those venues. However it is in my plans to become comfortable with those places and use them to my advantage later in my road to success.

    I look forward to getting to know people in this forum as well as help in any areas i can.

    Any tips or info to start me off will be greatly appreciated

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    Time to step up and overcome my aa

    Hi man, nice to have you here.
    This is my take on the problem.
    You're trying to start sarging the old school way.
    Yes, Mystery Method is great, and has great results, alway will. But it has evolved so much. Style introduced those Opinion openers, but they kinda suck. The comunity has moved passed most of the old stuff.

    Most of the techniques were hard to do, looked silly, made you look like a clown and just unnatural.
    I suggest you open direct to group(see Mehow for that), instead of indirect. Also, be cool, chill, and open with natural things. Just talk to people in NATURAL ways, thus not feeling like a weirdo anymore. Just be yourself. Integrate the techniques into what you already have. You seem like a great guy. Use it. Be chill. Enjoy being social. Talk to people. Be a giver. PEople dig that and will give back. They can FEEL it. When you see a person you like, naturally appreciate them right away, just as it crosses your mind. Say "fuck it, I like you..", then try to know her for who she is, not with some weird routines you don't give a damn about. Sayin' shit over and over again sucks, don't do that. The community has moved forward to natural game, or seemingly natural at first. See the game is a lot easier than it used to look back when Mystery first cracked the social code. You can sarge 10 times faster than that and get more REAL chemistry, really knowing and enjoying people, not just fake comfort as a tool to fuck people, know what I mean?
    Good luck

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