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    Help me find a positive about my scary smile

    Hey guys. I have a scary smile. It looks like I chew firecrackers for breakfast.

    The pic doesn't do justice to how screwed up my teeh are. The two beside my front two are black from decay. I am missing over 8 of my back teeth, including my molars. I have a gold tooth to the side, and a white crown in the back on one side.

    I sure wouldn't qualify for Jon Voigt's role in "Deliverance" because I do..not...have...purdy teeth.

    To fix my teeth would require replacing all of them...pulling them all out and replacing them all. I consider myself lucky because of all my family, mom & dad & siblings, I am the only one without two rows of false teeth, and have kept them longer than any of them.

    I brush daily, two minutes, in a desperate effort to keep what I got as long as I can, but 5 more need pulled soon as I can afford it.

    To cover my horrible teeth, I never smile. I smirk at best.

    And, I HATE it!

    It is the one thing about myself that is self-DLVing. When i try an open mouth smile, instead of gleaming pearly whites, it looks like grandpa Munster when he forgot his fangs in the glass of Pepsodent.

    As soon as I can afford to...$32K last my dentist quoted, I will get a full set of implants and a mouth guard to keep from grinding at night. (When I was with my wife, I ground my teeth while sleeping due to the extreme stress I was feeling.) I don't grind any more, but will still have a mouth guard as a precaution.

    But, $32K for anything but paying past bills is out of the question. For maybe 10 years.

    So, give me some hope, some positive feedback, and insightful DHV ideas so I can feel better about my situation.


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    Help me find a positive about my scary smile

    Bad teeth are about the ultimate DLV for me. Anytime I see a guy or a girl with them it immediatly makes me sick.

    I had crooked teeth growing up, and since my parents couldnt afford to go to the dentist I taught my self to smile without showing my teeth, or to have 'smark aleck' smirk.

    Soon as I got old enough I saved up and got braces and got my teeth fixed. Personaly I feel there's almost no price to high for nice teeth. See if you can work with the dentist to get a loan or some kind of payment plan.

    Believe me the sooner you get it done, the better.

    And just to confirm, that's $32,000.00!?! That's insane. Be sure to shop around for costs, and also check out dental schools and colleges. You can sometimes get work done there at a greatly reduced rate. Also check out possible charity organizations that could help with the costs.

    Good luck!

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    Help me find a positive about my scary smile

    Yes, $32,000. Normally, it is $1500 per implant, but since it would be all 32, it is basically a quantity discount at $1000 per tooth.

    When I get good credit again, it will be the focus of my purchasing, not for picking up women. but for my own self-worth. Yes, it will take a while to save up, but if I make sacrifices, I can get there in 10 years.

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    Help me find a positive about my scary smile

    have you tried/thought about getting it done at a uni/dental school? my dentist once mentioned that since they always need ginea pigs ffor their students to practice on, any big jobs can be done for free or at least a fraction of the cost elsewhere. The only downside is that you lack the certainty that the guy's done the job before. I dunno whether this would apply for America, but if you are really stressing about it I'd say it would be worth looking into.

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    Help me find a positive about my scary smile

    My friend just got dentistry done in Mexico really cheap, jsut a suggestion.

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    Help me find a positive about my scary smile

    if u get ur teeth done then u will notice that ur smile will becomemore friendly because ur subconciously hiding them thats y ur cmile is like that
    cus i bet in the mirror u can smile to show the teeth off in a less threatening smile ??
    and u dont in the real world because of the condition they are in
    so get them sorted and then ur smile will become 100 times more friendly and it will give every aspect of ur life a boost
    ull be more confident and haoppy
    because letsface it everything is done with talking
    so if u can smile and show a nice set of teeth ur getting nice points with a girl
    cus most say they look at teeth as one of the first attraction points

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    Help me find a positive about my scary smile

    I gotta agree to comments on top. But, while you are at it, make the most out of it, and just have a blast. If you hide your personality then... they won't get to know you and you'll lose a chance. I just read that, if you were bald then you might want to wear a wig or hat to hide it. Hence patching your insecurity will make others want to see them. But if you are comfortable with being bald like Neil Strauss then.. bam, money! While teeth can be slightly different, i don't know by how many degrees compare to hair. Just make the most out of it. Don't wait for the money to change your smile. I think BadBoy doesn't show his teeth that much...

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    Help me find a positive about my scary smile

    if you firmly believe you can not do it in the next 10 years you will be right.

    did you check rates in other countries?

    set your goal and go for it... you can have it... you know that

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    Help me find a positive about my scary smile

    You can have it for half of that price or less in Czech Republic including air ticket, I believe.

    Just 1 example that I found using Google (pricelist at the end)

    PM me if you want to ask some questions about Prague. I'm not a dentist nor do I work for one but I use their services quite often :-/

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