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    1 Month Relationship and No Sex yet :(

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    1 Month Relationship and No Sex yet :(

    Hmm, I think it's Grimble who does the massage thing I'm gonna ask you try to do. Ask if she can give you a nice massage because you have play basketball or something like that all day

    When she start massage you, tell her she doing it all wrong, and like no not there!

    Then pretend to be a little pissed off because her massage sux and then say like; here let me massage your legs. I'm really good at that.

    after a couple of minutes ask her to take of her pants because they are annoying when you massage her. she will and start the massage again.

    Then slowly work you way up to the as and slowly start to rubb her pussy outside her panties if she says no.

    You say like schh... just relax. keep rubbin untill she get all wet and then go from there.

    I actually think that might help but if not you have really nothing to loose.

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    1 Month Relationship and No Sex yet :(

    Well your breaking a huge rule by being too available to her. Spending all your time with her. I just made that mistake (Knowing while i did it, because "shes different") and after a year... blamo. Its over. Its never different.

    #1 stop spending so much time with her. Even if its only a couple times a week, or whatever the excuse is. If your both only available twice a week to hang out. Then you should only see her once. Maybe get lunch on another day, but do not spend entire evenings or days with her more then once or twice depending on your schedules. I believe this has many effects for women, it makes them think, makes them wonder, and keeps them INTERESTED. And lets them know that they are a part of your world... not the center of it.

    #2 When a girl tells me that, it is usually during her periode. Idk her situation/dating experience/sexual experience but if its not a physical thing then she has issues. Find out what they are, try to ease her worried mind, and dont push actual sex.

    #3 At the same time, own your Libido. If shes not taking care of you sexually in some other way... let her know your not a priest. Start seeing other people and keep her as a close friend that you literally "sleep" with.

    Your going to want to spend all your time with her, not see other people even if she is not satisfying your needs, and probably wait untill she decides to move things along. But she has all the power. She will own you. I promise.

    Dont let that happen. Its not chivalrous to let a woman control you OR the relationship. If sex is always up to her, your wrong. If she is the one with "no" power (i use the power of no in my relationships) then your wrong. If you have emotions for her, then i understand totally what your going through. But your still wrong. You might get sex, but it will be on HER terms. It might even last a year or more. But relationships that iv seen begin with the woman in control are doomed to fail or be unsatisfying for the women in them.

    My advice is not to be a dick, but in most relationships, especially early on. The sex is natural, it flows from the relationship, and neither partner thinks of no. After a month of multiple attempts, and shes actually SLEEPING with you... it goes beyond ASD. Your not gaining respect by waiting for her to come around, your losing power every time you try and fail. She doesn't think about it, or see it this way. But her subconscious does and she will lose interest. Thats a fact.

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    1 Month Relationship and No Sex yet :(

    This shit comes up in google.
    Can we get more privacy?

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    1 Month Relationship and No Sex yet :(

    I wouldn't worry about her with other guys. If she actually likes you, and shes not sleeping with you, then shes probably not sleeping with them either.

    And if she is... then she doesnt really like you anyway.

    But you are in a bad situation. Just the other day, a friend of mine got dumped after a 6 year relationship.

    I bring this up because it started off exactly like what your saying. She had no job, always spent all her time with him. Literally only interacted with him or his family (him and his family are close) and stayed at his place most of the time. Untill she finally moved in. But she had no job. So he had to pay for everything. She would get some little jobs at the mall, but he was the source of income. (and she clearly spent and wanted to experience things far beyond her income) Long story short. He paied for her school, she graduated, and one day finally stepped out of the bubble that was their relationship... and it all ended. She started going out without him, or he would leave early and she would stay out later with their friends. She got a life of her own. 6 years. Now nothing. I will add that she far out shined him on the looks scale, which is why he was "worried" about losing her too. And why he allowed the things it seems like your allowing now.

    My point is that if you get a girl like this... yes its cute at first. Its great to see someone you care about so damn often. But these kinds of girls are shielding themselves from the world on purpose. And when they get to the point where they explore back into the world (making new friends, going out with out you, starting their own life) then they kinda realize that they dont need that guy who stayed with them for so long. It also usually happens when the girls get into a better financial place they can handle on their own.

    You do not want to be her entire world. And there is no twist. Thats your one-it-ies creeping through. There is no twist or anything else that makes her different. All 9's can have any guy they want =]

    My advice is def start having guy nights out, poker nights, or whatever. Say your friend just had a bad break up and needs some guy time. Make some shit up. Dont let her come over whenever she wants. If she has no job im assuming you pay for a lot of things you shouldnt. Tell her she has to pull her own... and get a job. Even if its a crap job.

    Sounds to me like she is young and probably still lives at home. Idk dude. Honestly it already sounds doomed to me. Because anything you do now will look like a "change" in your character, and since its healthy to have your own lives apart from eachother and only share the aspects that are healthy to share, she will probably see it as a bad thing. Specially if she is young.

    My best advice is do not fall for her too hard. Cause this sounds like a bad situation IMO. Very cute and lovey dovey right now. I would enjoy the ride while it lasts, without allowing yourself to get crushed. But if your anything like most guys with one-it-ies... your already too deep.

    You could even tell her things are moving too fast for you emotionally and you need some space. Still see her 2 or 3 times a week (because all her time is free) and have her stay those nights or whatever. But your not in the business of being hurt. Say what chicks might say. (if your one-it-ies is strong then this is actually true) (and youv only known her a month!!!! this IS moving too fast!)

    Sorry so long, but that story of my buddy is one of many my friend. If you become her everything... your doomed. Because one day in the future she will realize there is more to life then you... and she will have to break it off in order to experience it. But if she gets that exp WHILE she is building a relationship with you... then you have a fighting chance of it working out. IF thats what you want. Honestly you sound like you wanna hold on to her so this is relationship advice not PU advice.

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    1 Month Relationship and No Sex yet :(

    Awesome posts Kelevra, very valuable info

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    1 Month Relationship and No Sex yet :(

    Kelevra man, what a good post. This is exactly what I tell guys that I feel are going to fast. Your relationship is NOT different. You can have such a great relationship without spending every damn minute with her. Even if she says she wants to, in the end she really doesn't. I'm actually having a buddy of mine, who I feel is in this situation, read your posts.

    Steve, read Kelevra's posts carefully, not only will it probably hurry up your sex issue, it will also build a more stable relationship where she is not as in control with such issues and where it is easier for you to keep her happy. Plus the most important thing, you won't be as vulnerable.

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    1 Month Relationship and No Sex yet :(

    Thank you all. Hope it helps.

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    1 Month Relationship and No Sex yet :(

    get over the oneitis and play the field.

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    1 Month Relationship and No Sex yet :(

    Kev, dude thats a great post man

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