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    Need Help.Dream Tease

    I'm new to this and have been learning "on the job" so to speak. I met this girl and I've been talking to her on the phone. I have a date with her next week. I was working on teasing to build up some sexual tension. But I'm in a bit of a bind because I didn't think my next step through and am having a brain freeze.

    Here's the setup. I emailed her today. I started the email off with just regular stuff but then threw in a tease line "You know I had this dream about you last night." I knew this would raise her curiosity and make her want to know what the dream was about. The problem is, what do I tell her it was about? I don't want to say something like "we were having sex" or anything like that direct. Now in my conversations with me she has made sexual innuendos like saying she has a "catholic girl outfit" and that she "really enjoys sex".

    I think my tease was a good idea because she is dying to know what the dream was about and the fact that I haven't told her yet is building the suspense even more, but I have to come up with something good at this point.

    Any suggestions???

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    Need Help.Dream Tease

    Tell her you dreamed you were on a deserted island with her, and how she was a famous movie star, and you were a mighty sailor man. You intended to go on a three hour tour, but the weathered started getting rough. If not for the courage of the skipper and you, the Minnow ould be lost.

    TThen tell her not to worry, though because the professor showed you how to make a vibrator from coconuts and wires from a world war 2 sea mine that washed up on shore.

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    Need Help.Dream Tease

    C'mon. I'm serious here.... I mean your story is somewhat comical but I wanted to come up with something that's actually believable.

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    Need Help.Dream Tease

    Yes, it is comical. This is a dream. Anything imagined can occur in a dream.

    You always tell her the truth that you lied so you could get a response from her...and it worked.

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    Need Help.Dream Tease


    I just wish I could come up with something that is more believable and seductive. She emailed me a couple times today saying that she wants to hear about the dream. If I tell her I lied that could be a negative impact.

    I was thinking that maybe I could tell her that I'd tell her once I got to know her better which would probably tease her even more....

    Like I said.. I'm new to this and I've never been really great with women. I"m a funny guy but I just stumble at times.

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    Need Help.Dream Tease

    I'd go with sincerelee's story, it's comical. You got yourself into this mess by telling her you had a dream, lying about it, and not having anything to say after that. You say you're new and not good with women, look at sincerelee's background on the site, he's got experience.

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    Need Help.Dream Tease

    Yup, I agree, go with sin's story. You just want her to tie the image of you with good, fun times. The more you joke around and have her feeling good, whenever she gets a text/email/call from you, those feelings will start rushing back. Doesn't matter how dirty they sound either, most of the time females are just as perverted as us, they just don't act it openly.

    I once got a text from a HB friend of mine asking me what my biggest fanatsy was. Up to that point we had only talked about "friend" stuff and I was pretty sure I was LJBF'd. I wasn't sure if it was a trap, shit test or if she just worded it wrong. I wound up telling her I wanted to be in the kitchen doing the dishes and have a women come up and attack me. Then tie me to a chair blindfolded and beat me with a rubber hose. She thought it was kinky and brings it up whenever we start to fool around now...

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    Need Help.Dream Tease

    Don't straight up say "we were having sex". Instead, describe it. girls love this.

    Start with:

    Well, we were in a pool.... and I slowly swam over to you as you were lying on a raft. I started to slowly and passionately massage your shoulders....

    then just keep going until you get ALMOST to a really hot part, climactic part, then stop and be like "Well, you get the idea" or somethin. She'll DIE trying to get you to tell her more.

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