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    A Mini FR, and a Question About Goals--and Wings

    So I ventured out of my cave last night for what I thought would be two drinks (it ended up being much more, but that's another story.)

    Me and my non community wing hit up this new lounge bar in Hollywood. It has been nearly a month since I've been out; I'm under deadline with a project I'm working on, and have had my MTLRs/FBs coming by.

    Needless to say, I was hungry for something new, and AA was a bitch.

    There was a table of stripper-looking girls that showed up. Not that they WERE strippers...but they looked hot, in a very low-rent way. Didn't approach, because I have the opinion that girls like that lower your Q rating with classier chicks.

    I also want to follow through on my goal of only kicking it to hotter chicks. No more settling, no more wasting time with 6-7s that don't offer something more than easy sex and affection.

    I see HB9Brunnette. We're both at the bar. Eye contact.

    ME:That's a very smart coat you're wearing.
    HB9Brunette: Thank you. You've a very smart guy.

    I moved off, as I had to say goodbye to a friend that was leaving. When I found HB9Brunette again, maybe 30 min later, my wing was gaming her.

    Did he know that I'd opened her earlier? No. So essentially she was fair game--not that I think he could close it.

    Wing introduces me, I banter with HB9Brunette. Then we're intro'd to the OBSTACLES--HB6Bitch and HB7NiceGirl. HB6Bitch, it turns out, knows my wing and I---she bartends at one of our regular spots. She has let her girls know that Wing and I are players--and not in a nice way.

    I try to diffuse her, comment on her tattoo, reaching to her to point it out. She RECOILS, saying "Don't touch me." It was odd---I wasn't even TRYING to touch her. Even her friends thought it was odd. My wing, at this point, whispers to me, "it's done---let's move on."

    But I wasn't about to let someone's rude behavior blow me out just yet. I'm here to learn. So I told myself--PLOW.

    My wing leaves the set. I run the ring finger routine. When I ask HB9 for her hands, she gives them, palms up (is this really an IOI? Always wondered about that.) I'm running it, but I'm actually KNEELING in front of her as she sits. BL is not right here, and the place is LOUD.

    I notice her attention slightly wavering. So I switch over to HB7Nice Girl, and run the routine with her. NOW HB9Brunette keeps interrupting, trying to get my attention--

    HB9Brunette: Are you Greek? You're Greek, arent you?

    I hit HB7NiceGirl with the classic "Attention freak. How do you roll with her?"

    She laughs. "But I love her!"

    I finish the routine, but it's loud, HB6Bitch keeps interrupting, so once I'm done, I leave. Never truly reached the hook point, IMO, but it was good practice.

    IMO, my wing shouldn't have abandoned. I've had to school him on occupying the obstacle before; had he stayed, we could've pulled the two girls away from their bitchy friend.

    But you can only explain it so many times.

    I opened up a couple more sets at the bar. Opened up an HB7Japanese with just "Hi, I'm Smooth." Ran my DHV story. Ran the trust test. Got my IOIs. Isolated her. Did the "venue change within the same venue", moving to different parts of the room. Was about to kiss close her when HER SISTER comes up, pulls her away.

    Where was my wing? Outside smoking. Ugh.

    Another big goal of mine this year is to meet up with some more community wings to help get to the next level. This is always tricky; my non-community wings are cool, goodlooking guys. Fun to kick it with no matter if we're talking to women or not.

    The con to that is that these guys rarely do cold approaches--and I'm one that needs to be pushed. THIS IS CRUCIAL---you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. And it's too easy to kick back and talk to my wing as opposed to opening sets.

    B, they don't always follow the wing rules, or wing PROPERLY. Leaving or hanging when necessary.

    On the other side of the coin, community wings are very hit or miss. You have to find someone at your level---or above it. Sometimes there is very little to them OUTSIDE of gaming. Some are approach-crazy--which can be great, but I like to enjoy US too, not just women. It's a delicate balance.

    But that said, I am determined, this year, to build the lifestyle I have only previously dreamed about. And a key part of that, in the words of Wu-Tang, is to "get with a sick-tight crew and go all out."

    One of my best wings is now engaged. What I love about this guy was that he would open the set, AI the hell out of me. Never let me get down on myself. And, best of all, he NEVER let me settle for LESS---even if the girl was HOT.

    He not only elevated my game, he reminded me of my own worth.

    What are your goals this year? And what constitutes a great wing to you?

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    A Mini FR, and a Question About Goals--and Wings


    I've never had a problem with a wing man. When I was in the military I met friends and went out all the time. We met girls all the time. We soon found out that we were just as good as each other in picking up girls. There were four of us. The best thing is, we hung out all the time. True friends. We loved to flirt, and we were good at it. When I went out, I went out with not only with a wing man, but with friends. That's the best way you can go out. Since there were four of us, amog's were nearly non-existent. We all had something we were brilliant at to bring in groups of girls in at the same time. I was the dancer, another the magic man, another the funny man, and my last friend was the bad boy. When this would happen, we would hold a party with more girls than guys. That's what has worked for me. Your wing has to be a friend with skills just as good as yours. No matter what happened, we were there for each other. A friend is always there to back you up, slap your ego when you need it, anything. That's when your game goes up. Every one of us are telling each other hard criticism so we can do better.

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    A Mini FR, and a Question About Goals--and Wings

    I think this is going to become a thread filled with personal stories.

    I have a close friend and wing who is basically a natural and has only recently learned some rudimentary community theory because I've tweaked his interest a little bit, and got him to read The Game and what not. Even though he's not yet a real part of the community, he's still a great wing because he understands what I'm trying to do and we have very clear rules for each other. The rules are somewhat different than my rules with community wings, but we both know them and follow them. We've also been picking up together for years and have calibrated to each other. Just through subtle body language cues we can tell each other what's going on.

    I think it's the rule setting and the calibration that make great wings. The first wingman rule should be that you have to tell your wing if he violates a rule. If you both know this from the start, then he shouldn't get upset about it and should be receptive. If he doesn't want to follow the rules or gets upset, assign him regular friend status and sarge with someone else.

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    A Mini FR, and a Question About Goals--and Wings

    the man who opens the set does not own the set...the man who opens the set LEADS the set...the target is agreed upon before your wing goes in for you. If no agreement is made, then the wing entering must determine who the target/obstacles are via various gambits.

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    A Mini FR, and a Question About Goals--and Wings

    Sorry noob question. Whats IMO? I looked around but cant find a meaning for it.

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    A Mini FR, and a Question About Goals--and Wings

    palms up: i believe i read somewhere that its an IOD

    IMO = in my opinion ... someone is not a nerd here....

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    A Mini FR, and a Question About Goals--and Wings

    Quote Originally Posted by wukidd View Post
    palms up: i believe i read somewhere that its an IOD

    IMO = in my opinion ... someone is not a nerd here....
    Palms up is definitely an IOI not an IOD. Notice body language when you go out next. People who seem more relaxed tend to be spread out. If her palms are up it means she feels relaxed around you. Just as someone with a closed fist is demonstrating that they feel uncomfortable. Chances are if her palm is up she's facing you and her arms are open and she’s more spread out. While someone with a clenched fist normally seems more closed, with there arms across there chest. One thing to take from this is the way someone holds there drink. If its down by there waist they are relaxed while if they are holding it to there chest they are nervous and in a way guarding themselves.

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