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Thread: Smoking

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    Ok I'm gonna fill you in...
    I posting on the p-u-a-forum about this two....
    I quit smoking the other night...
    It's for sure ... alot of ppl though i was kidding because I would always say I'm not quiting ..when everyone i work with was quiting i keept smokin...
    They ALL still smoke...

    DAY 2: Nothing...
    I've had no smokes.
    Normally I would smoke when I get cold.. just a act of warming up outside..
    I would smoke before/after I eat....
    Just random time I would smoke..
    I still get the go outside to have a smoke fealling...
    It's just breaking the habbet ...changing my rythem of my day routine...
    I think here in a fue days I will forget totaly about it.

    This is what happen the other night...
    I went running and came back then I said to my roomate I quit smoking....
    I guess he didn't take me serious...
    I have said before that i'm gonna have to quit b4 we re-deploy...guess he didnt beleave that ither.

    When I say I do somthing I do it....
    I knew I could quit....

    DAY 3 :
    Nothing.... I feal good ... missed out on a update...

    DAY 4:
    Okey I did not want any cept when I got really boared or some one else was smoking around me.
    My old method of not smoking is comming back with ease...
    People would always ask me if I wanted a cig and I say no I dont smoke...
    I don't smoke anymore now so its just that...a

    Mental Thoughts about smoking.... Why... I'm not a smoker.. My agressive .....forcing myself away from smoking.

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    Smoking is bad for health and there are many disadvantage or health related problems created due to smoking.Smoking cause cancer and many heart disease.It reduce the process of blood circulation in body.And in pregnancy condition smoking cause for low weight child born.And sometime smoking cause death also.

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    Try this:

    Instead of seeing yourself as a ''retired smoker'' and therefore still craving for a sigaret, see yourself as a non-smoker, someone who simply does not smoke.

    Consider seeing a hypnotherapist, I know I can help someone get rid of smoking through hypnosis.

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    Good job man! Keep it up!

    Thats all from me.

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    Well, I read all the conversation which is related to the smoking. My opinion about the smoking is that is dangerous for health and if the person become the addict of smoking then they will came around into diseases. Thanks for sharing the information with us i hope in future you also updated us.

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    Really great info shared liked it.

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    As everyone know very well that smoking is very bad for health. More smoking can causes many different kind of cancers such as lung cancer, mouth cancer, kidney cancer and many kind of skin cancers. So try to avoid smoking as possible as you can.

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    Congrats, for you didn't find it hard to quit smoking some people had a hard time on how they gonna quit.. you don't smoke maybe because you're mind tells you that smoking is bad.

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    Now everyone knowing the bad effects of doing more smoking regarding health. So try to quite it as soon as possible to you. Many leading lung cancer cases are the results of this bad habit. Smoking make human lungs weak and work less.

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    You need not to think too much about this things that who smoke and who not. The matter is smoking is most harmful to health and it cause many major disease such cancer, lung disease and heart disease. so try to quit smoking because every day many many people die from it and it take plenty of years from ones healthy life.

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