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    if she has a boyfriend

    I was at my friends house for a lil barbeque last night.
    After 20 minutes I was there- more people came including some girls.
    Now.. I didn't believe I could pull this off but my game was tight and all the girls there liked me. I kept the set interesting all night(with all of them) with a special attention to a specific girl over there.(I forgot to take a phone number).

    So I talked to my friend and she said she might have a boyfriend and she just flirted with me for fun (IOI from her all of the time).
    The thing is that her boyfriend is unconfirmed and I don't want to get to a situation where she says- I HAVE A BOYFRIEND cause I will see her and her "unconfirmed" boyfriend a lot during the upcoming weeks.
    What should I do- get her phone and continue with this girl? or should my friend check for me if she has a boyfriend.

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    if she has a boyfriend

    Boyfriends are irrelevant... tight game overcomes all.

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    if she has a boyfriend

    Agreed, although you might want to cool your jets for moral reasons. Just remember if she breaks up with her current boyfriend to be with you then it's just as likely she'll do the same for another guy in the future.

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    if she has a boyfriend

    Yeah I thought of it already.
    Appreantly she has a boyfriend and the thing is- he sat behind me while I was working the group the whole time.
    Neither did he or his girl do something to shut me up or to drop from the idea of me and her. Because of that I realise this girl is not for me to deal with.
    NVM now I finally know how to work a group.

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    if she has a boyfriend

    Quote Originally Posted by TheLostProphet View Post
    A Just remember if she breaks up with her current boyfriend to be with you then it's just as likely she'll do the same for another guy in the future.
    I have a very dear friend who is a model. We are very close but not more than in a sibling kind of way. All our friends see the way she and I interact and say how we would make the perfect couple. They are almost right because in almost every measurable way she is an HB10+, the kind of woman guys spend their lives dreaming of finding. Unfortunately if we were together she would not let me sleep with all her model/actress/playmate friends. That is a deal breaker.

    Maybe I don't get the PUA thing, but if I can pick up most any woman, why settle for one, esp if that one is cheating on her BF. Yes I'll charm her, comfort her, sleep with her then move on.

    My point is just because I nail a woman who claims to have a BF, does not mean I have to date her. Remember the definition of engagement is to do battle with. If a woman says she wants to hear the L word she means "leave" the M word "Move on" if she asks for a commitment tell her you don't think she is ready. If she gains 4 lbs dump her.

    I am 44 and there is a never ending supply of HB 9s and 10s ready to take the place of the last woman who wanted to be a couple, ( A couple of what)

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