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    Girls advice sought

    Alright I was curious I'm single and I've had this really hot girl that's been crazy about me for I'd say about two years. Recently she's became like ten times hotter than I can imagine. She used to not be so hot but now OMG she's totally changed and looks fine as hell. She wants to have sex I'm on the fence with this because I really would love to have sex with her but I think if I do she will stalk me possibly. Should I do it or should I say no thanks...And yeah this girl is like really really hot looks kinda like daisy from rock of love but she's absolutely crazy.

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    Girls advice sought

    I have 3 words for you,
    go for it.

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    Girls advice sought

    daisy from rock of love 'ain't hot. Her body is though...
    go for it. who cares if she might just like it.

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    Girls advice sought

    Why are you posting on the forums about this? Just do it(NIKE)

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    Girls advice sought

    I posted this after breaking up for like seven days. I didn't hook up with this girl. She's cute but kinda scares me...but I will keep her in mind if my current relationships somehow spins outta control.

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