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    Pickup in India?

    Hi guys
    Well I'm an Indian and 17 years old and I have been a loner for the past year.I never went out with a single friend because I got kicked out from my old college and i joined a really fucked up i feel really embarassed to talk t my old friends.I even switched off my phone .I'm planning to change my life and pickup women.I have just kissed a girl once in school couple of years back.I am really frustrated because I am really good looking and also rich but i'm still a virgin.Do you guys think picking up chicks here is possible because people in india are orthodoxed.
    Please reply

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    Pickup in India?

    Sure man people are people. Don't think with that caged mentality its very limiting.

    Let me tell ya something. The moment you expose something different to a sociaital norm you draw the interest and curiosity that overwhelm people. You simply have to introduce it as it is.

    Free, natural, and for the benefit of all involved on a personal level.

    Granted, your society, as ours has its "imprinted" image of men who attract and sleep with women due to advertisement of such people as being bad or ungodly.

    Simply defy that assumption. Your a fun loving, care free guy who just happens to enjoy sex. People will see that your still human, your happy, and your willing to share.

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    Pickup in India?

    you will have to go after more modern and not so traditional girls.
    Do you live in Mumbai?

    Actually just PM me.

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    Pickup in India?

    At the same time keep in mind this saying. 'The world is YOUR oyster'

    Okay so you got kicked out of your first college, and you're in one now thats not so great.

    Yet you're SEVENTEEN! You've got your whole life to go!

    There's absolutely NO reason why you can't put in the hard work and get to an even BETTER college than the first.

    And feel free to rub it in their face when you've got a doctrate and they're offering you a job (at your own risk ).

    And this may be a little more radical than some but have a no limits atttitude. It doesn't how religion or into culture a girl is, she's still attainable. She's got the genetic wiring for it. Remember: ATTRACTION ISN'T A CHOICE (David Deangelo)

    So go for it, personally the only girls I set limits for are girls who are in relationships with people I respect and girls who aren't attractive. Every other girl in my books is fair game.

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    Pickup in India?

    I live in NewDelhi.

    Where do you live in India?

    I don't think Indians are Orthodox as far as sex is concerned.

    You can check the Census details for that.-)

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    Pickup in India?

    Quote Originally Posted by munish View Post
    I live in NewDelhi.

    Where do you live in India?

    I don't think Indians are Orthodox as far as sex is concerned.

    You can check the Census details for that.-)
    I live in bangalore.Have you tried pickup?

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    Pickup in India?

    hey guys
    picking up in india is difficult but not impossible. i believe that the material needs to be localized. Yes, the girls are difficult to talk to as they come out mostly with other guys (bfs or protective friends) but it is difficult, not impossible.

    its somehow easier to get BB pins than phone nos. and if you have the right wing (who knows abt the mystery method), things can get better.

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    Pickup in India?

    yeah iam frm delhi

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