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    Headache right before and after orgasm

    hey guys i have been having a problem lately. everytime i have and orgasm or i get close to one i get a really really bad headache. its just started happening about a week ago and still hasnt stopped. does anyone have any ideas?

    it started after i was having sex with a girl friend of mine. we were doin it doggie and i cam. and directly following that i had a REALLY had headache. ever since then i have been getting them everytime.. and it sucks ass.

    input anyone?

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    Headache right before and after orgasm

    Investigate your diet!!!!! I always say this in all my posts. Stop drinking red bull if you do. Get onto the most natural foods and drinks you can, then have sex, and see if it happens again. I keep thinking diabetes...get it checked out!

    DO your vitamins....healthy eating, no fast food!

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    Headache right before and after orgasm

    I had that problem about 1.5 years ago.. I have no idea why I got it, but after 3 weeks it disappeared. :O Hopefully it will do that for you too

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    Headache right before and after orgasm

    Could also be a neck or back problem you may want to see a chiroprator and make sure your spine is in order.

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    Headache right before and after orgasm

    I recently had this problem, and the headaches also struck when doing certain exercises at the gym. I went to see a doctor, he looked at my posture, movement and all that sort of thing. My sex/workout headaches were caused by overly-tense trapezius muscles. Straining them when when they're already super tight (your shoulders will often tense when you're having sex/an orgasm) pulls on a nerve and triggers the massive headaches that I was getting (and that you may be getting).

    Solution? POSTURE. Push your shoulders as far forward as you can, then raise them directly up. While they're up (you should be looking like Uncle Fester here), pull them right back, then let them drop. This is what they should always be like. My headaches went away within a few days by maintaining good posture. If it doesn't fix yours, I suggest seeing a doctor (a real one, not a chiropractor) about it - headaches can be caused by some pretty serious shit.

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