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    Funny AFCs at a party last night..

    I went into the kitchen to grab a beer and two girls asked if I could grab them a beer and a chaser, so I grabbed the jug of juice and a beer, handed it to the one girl and called her a bossy bitch that would be a bad girlfriend for me or something like that (I made weed spaghetti and was really ripped, didn't want to game).
    She got this funny drunk look and gave me a hug and a kiss and I broke it and went to leave. When I turned around two AFCs were grinning and they yelled out "Yea brah!" and gave me a high five.
    It just seemed stereotypical

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    Funny AFCs at a party last night..

    Haha, So funny how being a jerk works so well, sometimes it makes you think,"what is wrong with women?" That does sound pretty stock AFC response

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