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    New accountant

    What's up guys? I will be graduating school this summer with an accounting degree but I have not yet lined up a job (or had an internship). I haven't interned because I have been bartending nights for the last 4 years to put myself through college.

    Are there any accountants on this forum with any helpful ideas on how to find a job? especially in this economy.

    Ideally, I would love to work at one of the big 4 so that they would also pay for me to get all my studying for the CPA done. That way I can stop bartending weekends and spend them more productively....sarging.

    Anyway, thanks for the help


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    New accountant

    Just graduated

    Hey man I just graduated college with an Accounting and Finance degree. I know this post was a few years ago, but what did you end up doing with your degree? I found that after I got into the community accounting didn't suite me as much anymore, I don't even want to go for my CPA. It just doesn't go along with my identity now, but I am currently looking for what exactly to do with my life and how to use my degree to get a career or make a living I am passionate about.

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    New accountant

    I have the same degrees. You can do lots of things; personal financial consulting (CFP), auditing, banking, working for asset management, pension funds, etc. You have a lot of options in the corporate world.

    Persistence is key in the Obama economy—my classmate sent out 500 resumes and only got maybe 3-5 interviews. However, he got a job, worked his tail off, and now makes 100K+.

    Good luck.

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    New accountant

    Yeah man totally agree. How does finance/accounting work with your game though? What I have seen/experienced in that arena is that most are social introverts and don't do a lot of socializing. It is a lot of number processing and analytical work rather than talking with people and forming relationships. Of course there is networking, but that isn't what the core of most of the work consists of. I would be interested in taking my degree and finding someway of managing people and forming connections with my new found social skills. It sounds awesome, the direction your headed, are all of your skills coming together to go to new levels in business?

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    New accountant

    As far as the relation between finance/accounting & game, I can tell you that your social skills will make you stand out from the typical dull office worker. However, I've found that most higher ups tend to be naturals in social interaction. People skills is a huge part of success.

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    New accountant

    Work for a Big 4 firm. That is the key to success in the profession, especially since most major companies prefer to hire accountants with Big 4 experience.

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