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    e international japanese students-less demanding, more ope

    jsut wonderin i was talking to a friend and we are both chinese but born in canada and he said that if you havfe trouble with local cbc chinese girls or even local girls try dating and getting with international japanese girls from overseas who jsut come here to study 6 months to 1 year.
    he said they don't care if you have a car or not(i don't have a car heheh), they don't want you to pay for them-they want to pay for thier own, and they are a lot less demanding than local chinese born or local asian girls who live in canada.
    with the chinese girls born in canada or asian girls who are westernized htey expect you to have a good car, good job, be rich, ........ status job.... and all, but with the internaational japanese girls-they don't care.
    he said you are king to them if you can speak english
    he told me to go after these international japanese girls and if i get one try to set him up with her female friends.

    he even said you now waht you should date only date international japanese girls. i think he like em a lot. he said if you can;t get a local asian girl who was born in canada you should go for international japanese or internatioanl girls from overseas. they are more easier . that is the reason you see so many geekie white guys with those overseas japanese girls--

    what your thoughts are internatioanl japanese girls , have you dated them before and how are they differ to local westernized asian girls who live in vancouver. do u think this is true, and hes always harassing me on setting him up with one of these international japanese girls

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    e international japanese students-less demanding, more ope

    Japanese girls will expect you to have a good job and disposable income as well once the initial novelty of hearing English has worn off. This kind of view of Japanese girls makes me despair quite honestly.

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