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    Australian PUA's?

    Hey guys,

    Out of curiosity are there many PUA's currently active in Australia, specifically NSW, that are products of either Mystery's Lounge or VA? I'm aware of the "Meet Mystery" that's happening in Sydney in May, but my curiousity has been piqued in regards to 1 on 1 training due to a majority of the mPUA's located in the States.


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    Australian PUA's?

    I'm passing your question on to Sensation from VA customer service so he can help you out in regards to the 1-on-1 training. He should be able to give you more information on this.

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    Australian PUA's?

    I am in Australia mate. I have a wing that uses Mehow method and he is from Newcastle. But I use VA/MM myself. We are intent on taking over this country hehe.

    My tip is to find a good wing and get your ass in field.

    Also don't bother with Sydney lair. They are a bunch of condescending assholes that just try to make newcomers else out to be pricks. If you saw these guys infield you would consider them "toxic AMOG's".

    Also the Sydney sarge guy's are a bit nerdy and have a weird vibe to the way they act and respond to posts on their forum.

    But if you come to Sydney and you are around we are happy to have you join us.

    Have you read my Field Report from this weekend? This is how we roll

    PM me if you like and we can take it from there.

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    Australian PUA's?

    Thanks for the reply guys, really appreciate it. I'm from Newcastle, so chances are I know the guy in question :P I'll def PM you catalyst, cheers.

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    Australian PUA's?

    Hey rnbsmooth,

    1on1 Training for Sydney is a tough one as the weekend of 15-17th May will be a jam packed bootcamp and awesome weekend as you may know from the reviews and/or catalyst who is already enrolled. However there WILL BE a lot of 1on1 time with the Masters during the bootcamp in Sydney as there can only be only 12 guys going infield.

    Please use the means set out below to contact me or PM me.

    P.S - I've only got 1 more early bird offer left for the infield due to a cancellation!!!

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