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    Facebook false time constraints

    In Facebook I've tried to chat a couple of women with a false time constraint. Both of them bailed without replying, or they were already offline. I don't know. The false time constraint was like, "Hey, wanted to say a quick hello. I can't stay online long." Both women I've exchanged lengthy e-mails with and one I've spoken on the phone with at length. I just didn't want to chat and have her think, "Great this guy's gonna bug me for a long time now." In fact, the time constraint wasn't entirely false. I did intend to keep the chat brief.

    Is a false time constraint different online? Does it come across as rude?

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    Going2Die Guest

    Facebook false time constraints

    My two cents worth!

    Dude why even use a FTC, make your intentions clear, then you both know what you are there for, if shes not interested, next! Calibration works well online, give her an IOI then IOD, neg softly.

    Especially if it's a dating website, no need for a FTC whatsoever, the purpose of the website is obvious, if you really have to go, go AFTER you have demonstrated value. You need to demonstrate atleast some level of value/interest for her to care...

    My view FTC is a waste of time online, RTC is fine after DHVing.

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    Facebook false time constraints

    Hey man...if you wanna display a false time contraints online. instead of stating that you have to go soon...vary your time inbetween replies, in time she will ask why you take so long then u anwser oh just have alot o people to reply to, where were we are in turn:

    a. displaying higher value
    b. showing pre-approval
    c. in an abstract way, giving her a FTC....

    u cn call it just that an abstract time constraint (ATC)...i used it last night on a gal and it worked like a charm then when u wanna reward her u reply a bit faster....let me know how it goes for you

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    Facebook false time constraints

    Don't FTC online, thats lame. You don't have to show your intentions but it makes you come across as a bit needy. And unlike real life, it shows too much interest. You're a guy in a hurry, and you just wanted to talk to her? Thats pretty needy dude.

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    Facebook false time constraints

    FTC on facebook? What the fuck? Just don't message her as soon as she messages you.

    This thread is retarded.

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    Facebook false time constraints

    It is impossible to FTC online, i mean i got to go out. she can just turn round and say e-mial me later bye! And that's it set closed.

    The game is played out in the field, online is a lot of cloak and danger. I mean a girl can say what she wants online, but face to face she will react differently. U could even have cybersex with a girl online, but when you meet face t face the game begins from A2.

    I prefer face to face interactions, not BS there. You can calibrate just by looking in her eyes, and know if she is leading you on or not. just remember the person on the other end could be a 2, with a pic of her friend who is an 9!!!!!

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    Facebook false time constraints

    False Time Constraits were created in the field because they were NECESSARY.
    In the field I mean. Yuo don't need FTC online. You can use it(though differently) but you don't really need it. It can help if done right. The difference is it is a must only in real game.

    How I'd use FTC online? Example:
    "I gonna take a dump now.. Then I go out to roll with my buddies.
    By the way, how are you preparing yourself?
    I mean.. 2012.. world war III. BLABLABLABLABLABLA"
    (notice the emotions in there? wahahah)

    Then you keep talking to her. She thinks you're leaving.
    I don't use FTC much, I can live just as well without 'em.
    The "need to go" is some very relative thing, you see.. Most times, say it's 2 in the morning.. instant messaging with this girl.. and she says she's relly tired she's going to bed, she says goodbye.
    Then I say goodbye and add some small thing. She answers. I take her into many conversations.. at some point she's still there.. 5 in the morning. No one leaves the keyboard until I allow them to. Unless there's some sort of blackout or something.. (I also brag a lot online xD)

    P.S. girls will give FAR MORE FTC online then you will most times. That's because yours are FalseTC. They really have a lot of RealTimeConstraits. HOT babes alway have a lot of stuff to do, friends to meet, or fuck. They got a full schedule.. if she's just a disk jokey you're wasting your time one sone UG, make sure you notice that in time. On the other end, if she's a really hot girl, you'll gonna have to desensitize yourself to her doing a lot of shit. You might learn about them fucking their boyfriend or sex buddy, or her bisexual friend, like every other day. You must deal with that.. if you think she's either a bitch, or taken or too hard for you, you CANNOT play online game. It happens allthe time, and you are going to feel some pain when you feel like you've totally seduced her, like she's so much into you and then she just tells you abou the sex she just happened to have with this guy she met at a party she doesn't even know by name...
    I was luckyer, yesterday this girl(my girlfriend actually) told me she ate the cunt of her best friend like 2 weeks ago... I felt so prowd.. can't wait to have my first threesome... she assured me I'm going to get it soon.

    U could even have cybersex with a girl online, but when you meet face t face the game begins from A2.
    Tha's partly true. Sometimes you have cybersex just for fun while doing attraction to a girl online. And you'll probably never meet her. Not at that sage at least. If you do meet her you are indeed in A2. But it's not gonna happen, cuz she needs comfort in order to stick to a meet plan, or even talk about it. She's gonna telle you tha you can meet "sometime", cuz the word just feels safe to her. It's wood.
    The other most fortunate case is when you have cybersex after comfort.. you are actually in seduction. Then you meet her and fall back into Comfort. You don't have to start with attraction all over and you don't do comfort from scratch. You already have comfort, but now she just needs a few hours to test for conguency. Are you the same person from the net.. or were you just pretending. A couple of hours and you can just skip to S1.
    With a more slutty girl, you can just go for sex if you reach S online.

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    Facebook false time constraints

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruffles View Post
    I prefer face to face interactions, not BS there. You can calibrate just by looking in her eyes, and know if she is leading you on or not. just remember the person on the other end could be a 2, with a pic of her friend who is an 9!!!!!
    That is not true. It is just what you think because you're unexperienced with online game. I assure you, you can have online empathy and calibrate just as good as in real life. When you have that, you cannot get tricked, so that's why I feel it is unrealistic to say that a 2 could pretend to be a 9, unless she had an online game even more solid then myself.. but then again that would be impossibile, plus, if she were a smart 2, she would never pretend being a 9, knowing she's not gonna get any pieace of dick. They all run when they meet face to has NEVER happened to. Done this hundreds of time. After a while you get a feeling of her self perceived value. That's very reliable.
    The only issue might be that her self perceived value might not be the same value you would perceive about her, but in most cases it's pretty accurate. I mean, her perceived value is built upon what other guys think of her. If guys don't like her and she has high self perceived value then she's just a lunatic, but you can spot that easily.

    Take a look here for more on this

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