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    You MUST Become Normal First

    Are you an anti-social and/or non-sexual person who's studying Pick Up to
    be more charismatic and attractive? Then, I suggest you first work on yourself
    to overcoming your social and sexual hangups before studying influence of
    other people. Think about it, how can you lead others when you don't
    trust yourself, without being shameful about it? I'm not talking about those
    inner game stuff either, which usually suggests right away that you're
    some super alpha male that fucks any woman he desires. These don't work
    because they're not actually addressing negative thought in your head,
    and instead just makes you imagine outcomes and scenarios that will
    seem unrealitic to you which will be rejected by your mind. My point is,
    work on removing negativity from your mind, before trying to influence
    others. Because, if you haven't become free from blockages that prevent
    you from loving yourself and people, then these skills only become
    manipulative tricks to mask your own insecurities and many don't even
    make any changes because they will be ashamed to use them. I suggest
    going through some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for social anxiety
    if you're anti social and nervous around others. It's the best proven method
    for curing this type of negative wiring in your brain.

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    You MUST Become Normal First

    thats good advice

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    You MUST Become Normal First

    I get you-I am getting more friends and working on fitting in at moment, and still going for targets but with a bigger focus on fitting into and slotting in social groups.
    Then I will work on debilitating the AMOGs haha-at moment I am just befriending.
    When I am 18 I will get into club game and cold approaches- now I am preparing for that by being social able and cool

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