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    Blue's 16 Lay Challenge: Currently Day # 2

    Ok so I've already done the whole 30 day challenge things and such, so what next? The 16 lay challenge! I figure I go out an average of 4-5 nights a week, so 4 times 4 weeks in a month is 16. Bring it on bitches!

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    Blue's 16 Lay Challenge: Currently Day # 2

    Day 1:LR 3/4/09
    The whole night was great. I usually never drink when I go out, but the previous week was marti gras week! Wasn't sure if it would affect me at all, and it didn't. Back to no drinking. I get there and walk APB and Sexual chocolate in, we continue sarging throughout the night.

    Kiss # 1: 2 seconds. HB 9.5 and her friends are walking by me, I look at one in the eye, take her head and make out.

    Kiss # 2: At the bar trying to order a water, start chatting up a girl next to me. We talk about drinks and such, after about 5 minutes we make out and part ways.

    Kiss # 3: APB and I open a two set sitting down, very very sexy girls. He's chatting up one, while i do the other. Lots of eye contact, talking about traveling and such. Her friend wants to leave because APB's girl didn't go well, so my girl # closes me. Her friend walks off about 3 or 4 feet and looks the other way, I say "quick, while your friend isn't looking!" We make out for a while, then they leave.

    Kiss # 4 15 seconds (roughly): Hb 9.5 in hallways near bathrooms. We're passing and i look at her and say, "wait!" Deep eye contact, "who are you" with a wowed expression on my face. I take her head look at her, and we make out for a while, then her friends pull her away.

    The Fuck: I get word of an after party, which turns out to be lame but nonetheless i got a lay. Matt and I head over to my friends house, she plays guitar and sings in a band that had played that night. I had bought some E and asked my friend if she wanted to do it. She said no because she had been drinking, and I said I didn't want to take it myself because I'll want to hug people and stuff lol. She said, "well, i'm here." Now this girl isn't very attractive, but she's totally cool. We all hang out for a while i pop a pill, Matt leaves, this girl is all over me i resist a bit. Now don't look at me as a druggy, I've only done E twice in my life and I rarely ever do drugs. Drugs are bad, mmmkk. The E kicks in, to her room we go. Touch each other and kiss everywhere for a good 3 or 4 hours, mainly because E makes it so you can't get it up. Then eventually we fuck and I cover her with juices. All in all, very fun night. On to the next...

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    Blue's 16 Lay Challenge: Currently Day # 2

    Day 2: 3/5/09... No lay : (


    Number closed a cute girl and then made out with her hot married mom and was feeling her titties for a while right in front of her : ) After I made out with her, her daughter said, "don't pull a graduate on me!" haha. Oh and did a funny dance with Andy Milinokas and Tom Green in the parking garage. Better than a LR in my opinion.

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    Blue's 16 Lay Challenge: Currently Day # 2

    Eww.. how old was the mom and daughter?

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    Blue's 16 Lay Challenge: Currently Day # 2

    Quote Originally Posted by John K View Post
    Eww.. how old was the mom and daughter?
    hah why ew? The daughter was 23 and the mom was probably in her late 30s, early 40s. The mom was fucking sexy, definite cougar trophy wife ; )

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    Blue's 16 Lay Challenge: Currently Day # 2

    First of all, Friday I was running boot camp, so I wasn't exactly able to pull anyone since I'd rather pay all my attention on the student. It was a really fun night though and my student learned so much.

    LR 3/7/09 Day #4

    Sorry for the lack of a better field report, but here's a brief overview of the night.

    Got to Vangaurd, danced a little bit then met up with everyone then opened a 4 set of 2 guys 2 girls. We all went to dance after talking for a while, danced with a bunch of girls.

    Make-out #1: On the dance floor, then saw a girl i had seen earlier in the night when i was dancing. Danced with her for a while, a little banter back and forth, make-out.

    Make-out #2: Saw this turbo hb10, crazy model/pornstar status, approached by looking at her taking her hand spinning her, doing a couple moves, then danced with her. We talked for about 5-10 min just about random shit, as time went on more grinding ensued and the closer we got. I kissed her neck, she kissed mine, it was so on! We make-out, im feeling her amazing titties. She gets a call from her friends saying that they are leaving, but we make plans for later for me to come over when she gets home. Exchange numbers, she didn't call until today unfortunately so i'll probably see her another night.

    The Fuck: Went up to a girl dancing, gave her a spin and pulled her up against me. We danced for a while, made out, all the usual stuff. Built up her buying temp, met all her friends and became cool with them. Eventually the club was about to close so i told her I'd drive her to her car and then follow her home, did that and we end up at her place. She was blond, in her 30s, huge titties, great ass, nice body. Little did I know her and her crazy friends were into drugs and shit. She talked like a 1000 words per minute, so eventually i had to stuff my cock in her mouth. That did the trick. Anyways we hung out at her place, playing around back and forth, making out, she takes me upstairs. The whole time I'm just chilling, not really concerned about the lay, which made it that more fun.

    She tried on all these different sexy outfits (lingerie etc.) and i had her do a sexy dance for me. I was telling her exactly what I wanted her to do, and she would do it. She gets out a box... whats that? She says cocaine. I'm really not into drugs at all, they just fuck with your head. She does a couple lines off my chest and shit, and we hook up more. She mentioned earlier that she had a vibrator or something, and when she opened the drawer next to the bed, sure enough, there it was. I told her to lay down, then i take the dildo and use it on her pussy, of course. I had never done this before, mainly because why not just use my dick? But i was having fun, and it was actually pretty fun to watch her squirm and stuff. Eventually i put the dildo aside, then got on top of her face and had her do her thing while she masturbated. Threw a condom on, turned her to doggy style, and that's that gentlemen. Till next time...

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    Blue's 16 Lay Challenge: Currently Day # 2

    Oh, the eww cause I figured an older lady. I don't really like going with older women. It's just a personal preference. I'm 26 and I usually go within the 5 years younger, 5 years older range. 21-31.

    Exchange numbers, she didn't call until today unfortunately so i'll probably see her another night.
    You usually wait for a girl to call first?

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    Blue's 16 Lay Challenge: Currently Day # 2

    Quote Originally Posted by John K View Post
    Oh, the eww cause I figured an older lady. I don't really like going with older women. It's just a personal preference. I'm 26 and I usually go within the 5 years younger, 5 years older range. 21-31.

    You usually wait for a girl to call first?
    I gave her a text that night but didn't get one back until the next day

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    Blue's 16 Lay Challenge: Currently Day # 2

    Lr 3/9/09

    LR 3/9/09... Oh So Sweet : )

    Remember that turbo 10 i was talking about that I met at Vangaurd, that didn't call till the next day? Well it went like this...

    (txt messages)
    Sunday-ME: hey what happened last night? I ended up going to an after party with some ppl (i didnt really go to an after party, i went to that blond girl's place but I didn't want this girl to know that)

    Monday-Her (while i was cuddling with one of my F-buddies): You whan do same thing latter:? (exactly how she spelled everything haha)

    Me: yeah...where do you live?

    Her: Hollywood

    Me: k i can come over at 8 does that work for you?

    Her: Ok

    Me (1:03 pm): whats your address? Ill call you in a couple hours : )

    Her: Ok.. address address adress

    Her(6:42 pm, I hadn't called, was in bed with F-buddy all day): :-)

    Me: took a nap but just woke up lol... ill call you when im leaving my house.. shall i bring a movie?

    Her: Ok

    It was interesting how she said ok to everything, I was kind of wondering if this girl was for real. On the way I called her and talked to her briefly, heard ppl in the background but when i got there she had her friends leave. I walk in her apartment, she looks so fucking hot. I wish i had a picture of her, i'm going to try to get her myspace so i can post something up. She's latin, about 5'9, huge titties, fucking amazing body, really sexy innocent face, long black hair.

    We talk for a little bit, then lay on the bed. We had already built comfort on Saturday. I play it cool like I didn't just come over for sex, insist we start the movie. We are laying there and she's asking me all these questions about myself, probably because she didn't know too much. We made out and held each other close, kissing passionately. I pull back, push, pullback, pretty much in control of this moment. We put the movie on. Only see about the first 5-10 minutes. Can you guess the movie? Hitch! : )

    There was a bit a LMR but I worked through it, kissed her all over, got rid of her shirt, then my shirt. She put up more LMR, but was putting her hands in my pants. I was thinking of Jeffy's line, "time to fuck", so i just took my pants and underwear off since i know she wanted it. Eventually got her stuff off, made out more, more touching. Condom, then sex. Sex with a 10 is fucking great. Every time I do it i lay back and just remember how I was 3 years ago, barely able to get a fatty. I remember how people would count me out, how the whole world seemed to be so crazy to me. How i would find sanctuary in video games, getting immersed in another world. Now, as I lay back next to this fine looking woman, I think... I fucking love this shit. K now i would like to end with that, but I ended up going to a club afterwards since i left her place at like 11, since she had work the next day.

    Get to Les deux, extremely tired but wtf why not. See a few CC's there, chill with them. Sing a couple songs on karaoke, talk to a few girls for fun, I was super relaxed and tired so wasn't really trying to spit too much game.

    Kiss #1: Sorry buddy, you were talking to her first, but it's not like I tried. Chilling with him, i think he goes by quick on here or something? Talking to a couple blond girls, both hot but the one i made out with was a turbo.. fucking adorable. Quick was gaming her a bit, she was up on his nut, I was talking to the friend a bit but was about to leave since i was soooo tired. Then she looks at me....

    Turbo: Are you an actor? You look so familiar.

    Me: Yeah (covering my face) I hate it when this happens (jokingly)

    Quick: (Says something about some show i was in)

    Turbo: Oh yeah!! What other shows were you in?

    Me: Well i don't like to name drop, ya know?

    Some other stuff was said, of course this was all bullshit, im not really an actor, but how could i pass this up? I brought her in and gave her a hug, pulled her head back, said a few things, she said, "your cute", i replied, "your cute" in a playful way, she said, "your sexy", i said "your sexy"... We kiss, make out intense for a while. Quick tells me later that Mystery and Matador are sitting behind watching the whole thing. I spin her, kiss her neck behind her, then spin her towards me. We make out a while longer, her friend wants her to come, so i get her number, kiss some more and she's off! Matador, if your reading this, i've met you like 3 or 4 times and you never remember! I get a text from one of my other F-buddies saying she wants me to come over. Quick and i sarge up the place a little more for fun, then split ways. I go to my girl's place, we drink champagne and do our thing. Just got home, about to take a nap. Till next time gents...

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    Blue's 16 Lay Challenge: Currently Day # 2

    Day 6- Tuesday... Fullerton and Club lay
    Not too much happened... kissed a girl but i can hardly call it anything. Kind of a dead night, but fun at least. Not too much was going on over there, Club Heat was cold as ice, but kind of refreshing. Had my friend drop me off at one of my friends with benefits place. I usually go out Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays, but this time i went out tuesday instead of wednesday, had another friends with benefits over Wednesday night.

    Side note: Multiple fuck buddies= no bad night

    Day 7... Thursday... Downtown LA... I.O.U. lay

    Went to the meeting, fell asleep on the couch, went out feeling super tired.
    Great night considering I was so tired. Logistics got in the way of the lay.

    Make-out #1 less than 5 min: Super hot blond hb9.5 Australian... opened with "this flute playing is fantastic!" (there was a guy playing a flute with the band) hooked pretty fast, isolated, talked about Australia, danced, twirled, made-out. She says, I'm here with my friends i feel rude, I tell her she'll be able to see her friends the for the next 2 months while she's here staying with them. We make out more, eventually she introduces me to her friend, which is this super alpha model rich looking attractive guy from Spain. I talk with him jokingly a little bit to be nice, then talk to the girl ignoring him, make out with her right in front of him muahahaha, I give her my number since she didn't have a cellular (visiting for 2 months) she would of called me today, maybe she still will, but i don't think she will because I made out with this other Brazilian girl and I think she might of seen. We had such a good connection too : (

    Make-out #2 less than 5 min: Look at a girl with a fedora, hbbrazilian, I say, "look at our fedoras, sooo niccceeee" while i hold the rim of my hat. Her friend stops and we all talk a bit, take some pictures. I tell her it would be a sexy picture if we just touched lips. Made fun of her for giving me some tooth, since she was smiling so much. Told her this time without your bi-cuspid, we make out. End up chilling with her for the remainder of the night. She talked about this string used to hang up her shirt, and how she wants to cut it off. I tell her we'll cut it off when we get home. She says ok. Later I tell her a friend drove me, and that she would have to drop me off in the valley the next day, she says its too far. We make plans to hang out at her place for Friday night, before I go to the rave with my other Fuck buddy. She says she'll make me dinner. All i want for dinner is some pussy, but i might have to eat food first : (. Will keep you updated, till next time...

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