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    Dinner/Comfort Building

    When shifting venues into a dinner-like setting, does it make sense to pay for dinner? What if she insists on splitting it?

    During A1,A2, it doesn't really make sense to buy her anything. The MM, for example, categorically advises against buying women drinks. However, this seems appropriate within the comfort stages.

    Would you interpret her offering to split it as an indication of LJBF? What if she insists?

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    Dinner/Comfort Building

    If I am bouncing to get pizza lets say like the MM example from a club i would by a slice of $2 pizza for her. Not a huge deal since i initiated the bounce and she complied. Its rewarding her for bouncing with you. If you go on a "date" to go eat at a restaurant or whatever and its well passed A1 and A2 (I hope you don't take them to dinner in A!, lol) then I would still probably pay however I would make sure that the date isn't at some super fancy place. It would be like going to a fun/cute hole in the wall place or a local place I like and wanted to show her. If she wants to split it just agree and say thats fair or something like that. I wouldn't necessarily put it into the LJBF. Maybe she just wants to feel like she has value in the relationship too and she can pay for herself. I more have the problem when she expects for me to pay for it, then i think maybe she just came to get a meal out of it, but if she wants to pay its like she is willing to pay for your company. Just reframe it as a good thing and you'll be fine

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