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    The Balls Journal

    The Brawl

    Interesting little thing happened last night. Got into a fight with four guys two on four. Me and a buddy vs. them because they were talking allot of crap to the girls we where with. We ended up beating up the guys, and the girls we were with got upset then left. Last time I got into a fight with a guy and a girl saw it I had her dripping wet. She literally wanted to f*ck me on the spot after it. Yet these girls got a bit freaked out and ran away. Even if the girls left I have to admit fighting and winning is almost as good as sex. Would've liked the sex also though

    The Wild One

    P.S. If war is hell than I'm the devil

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    The Balls Journal

    Phase's and emotional cravings

    We're all products of society, and our expieriances shape who we are. Even as advanced or new guys to seduction you come to find even at the height of your understanding of game your love life is a very fluid thing. It's never set or without complication theirs always something going on namely due to our own individual needs emotionally typically at the time.

    Love is a healthy part of our lives we need it in different ways. Women and men are the same and while our social structure may force us into different molds at times these phases have a huge impact on how we pursue the opposite sex. I notice for myself in particular I go threw a few main phases.

    Phase 1: Careless womanizing

    This for me is no different than a girl running around sleeping with strangers. Typically I get myself into a relationship and become bored. After three months of dealing with the same old same old I need this phase. This is a phase where you run around aimlessly seducing any decent looking girl you can impale. This phase is good because it's an adventure, and you never really know where it will end up. Usually with a new g/f after it runs it's course That happens because freedome for guys like me who are natural rebels is dangerous afterawhile. At some point you realize.. O sh*t a little structure of a relationship might be healthier than the crazy asshole you become when you're enjoying to much freedome. So.. We move on but this phase has its upsides

    Phase 2: Relationships

    Relationships are only good when the girl is totally in love with you. That is if you can stand her love. Sometimes the girl that loves you isn't the girl you want. Or it isn't the right timing...

    A good example is I was with a girl who love me dearly, but she was very insecure so she followed me around fighting with me all the time. She loved me but she also was terribly insecure. An example of while a woman loves you in some cases the love aint the right recipe for you.

    Right now I'm leaning back into relationship mode. Namely because I got a girl who genuinely loves me at the moment. So I'm going to take that route and see how it ends up going.

    A good situation to be in..

    Guys if you ever have a young girl have a crush on you for years. Disappear and then pop back into your life looking like a supermodel. Then add on top of that the sort of comfort you never have with anyother person. That comfort where someone likes you knowing all the good and bad about you no bull sh*t. You're in a place you should enjoy!

    Just be smart enough to recognize a good thing when you have it, and not overlook it. This would be the girl that has looked at you like her dream guy or the one she wants to fall in love with. In this situation with a girl who's a knockout looks wise, and in her ability to relate to you I say go with it.

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    The Balls Journal

    Three main forms of female communication for reaction

    Here are three main forms of female communication that typically gets a reaction from men.


    All women love to complain. It's something they hone from childhood because in many cases it gets them what they want. If I whine enough most men will cave and do what I want. This is a tactic you should ignore and never respond to beyond how you would with any person who wasn't attractive. The only reason you care is because she's hot and typically the girls complaint is utter nonsense. Don't react to complaining behavior and if you have to give it the minimum attention necessary.


    If complaining doesn't work girls trump card is crying. Crying is a great way to get a guy to do anything a girl wants. It's a step up from complaining. Don't react to it. Unless she's got a real issue then ignore her crying. Don't give her a reaction because she is pretty. Good looking women complain and cry typically more than unattractive women because it manipulates beta men easily. Always rememeber to never care about these forms of communication. Recognize the typical truth of her hot girl life. It's probably profoundly more easy than most peoples life, and her problem isn't really a problem but a cry for reaction. Don't react to it ignore it never react to negative behavior


    Finally the third most commonly used tactic of women to get men to react to them is sex. Sex helps in all aspects of a womans life. The key to our communication is allowing them to only be able to establish a positive communication to us via sexual communication. It beats dealing with crying or complaining. If you establish that to her the only way she will typical recieve your attention is threw sexual advances towards you this will be the behavior she jumps towards when she communicates to you. This sexual communication is the primary and only form of communication necessary for us as seducers to take advantage of. It beats being an emotional victim and turns the tables to our advantage.

    The Wild One

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    The Balls Journal

    Wealth and Women

    Power it is namely what women gravitate towards. I find this interesting because most of my life I've hidden this because I didn't want to be a braggy asshole. Now I've changed and highlight it which gets you allot of girls but it is weird how it works cuzz you know it's not you they're into. They're into the objects you possess and making them their own.

    A good example is when I go out sometimes girls will place themselves in my path specifically for me to seduce them. I will sit down with them and they will then just proceed to agree with everything I say. It's basically coming across to me because I know this stuff and have been in the seduction psychology for years as if they will do anything to get me to the bedroom. The whole plan being that if I can just sleep with this guy and sexually work him into a corner I can control him. So being with one girl is a problem... I take advantage of the sex and what not but the fact their playing a game turns me off to them as a ltr.

    So it's weird you struggle with does this person like me for me or what? In the end you realize to worry is worthless. You get nothing out of it... Understand why people do what they do but never give to much thought to it if it hurts you. You choose how things affect you and you can choose to not let those things bother you. This is key to living a happy life. Enjoying things as you wish and not letting it be dictated to you.

    The Wild One

    P.S. Wealth = Women many sexable women but not so many loveable women

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    The Balls Journal

    Women worth loving

    One thing that is interesting to me. I'm in a situation where multiple women are trying to seduce me. A few girls are doing it for one reason or another. Attracted to the allure of wealth or power. One girl admist them likes me just for who I am. I'm trying to pin down the qualities about her I like. These other girls are impossible to love for me. In fact I can't endure being around them for two long. I just feel overwelmed with a sense of anger that they think I'm so stupid as to not know what their intentions are. Anyways here are some qualities I like about this one girl who is really making me happy.

    1) Not afraid to be loving
    2) Hopeless romantic
    3) Not American haha j/k
    4) Loves the things I do genuinely
    5) Likes me for me truely
    6) Pretty
    7) Honest
    8) Hard working
    9) Good friends
    10) Kind natured
    11) Doesn't complain much
    12) Loves her family
    13) Doesn't play games

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    The Balls Journal

    How to melt her heart

    Being good to people shouldn't be something you do because a girl is pretty but something you do because it is in your nature. The key to getting girls when you advance in life you learn isn't having "game" it's simply being a "good" man.

    Being a "good" man really for women is just being able to treat them in a way that makes their lives better. The key to this is we can choose to ignore or engage the people we wish to be good to. This is important because we can be nice to people in our lives, and simply ignore or enjoy people as they treat us. So lets say we meet a girl and we're good to her then she isn't good to us. We don't allow her behavior to affect how we treat people we continue to be good to people but respond to her behavior by ignoring her negative reaction towards us. We only respond when she is good back, and even after she's negative if she comes back nicely we are good to her. We play the role of caregiver, or bigger man. We don't allow her low value behavior to lower our own value we ignore it until she decides to meet our standard.

    This is interesting because it allows you to just live as a positive man, and women guinuinely desire you because you bring good things to their lives. This then allows you to be the one who picks who is good for you by being a good person. It attracts people that have those values, and even those without them because it is higher value behavior. I heard a girl who is a model say one time to guys as a general rule don't hit on me I will shoot you down and bruise your ego... Yet she can only bruise the ego's of guys who choose to allow her negative behavior to affect them. By being the man I perscribe to be her negative behavior only puts her in a bad position. If I'm respectfull and loving then she reacts with low value behavior we move on... Yet over time this continued way of being will melt that cold nature she has and attract her because it brings warmth to her life.

    The key is not to allow the world to affect you.. The model above is young she has the ego and everything but she's not a bad person. Maybe a bit cold hearted but it's not who she is. It's a mask and we should be strong men to recognize that beneath that yearns a girl who wants to be loved and comfortable in a good mans protection. So we press on doing our best setting a high bar inwardly and outwardly with our own example then you find amazing women fight over you. It is a non servile existance to negative energy and a much happier one if you ask me.

    The Wild One

    P.S. Simply put I've learned just be a good strong man, and seak out what you love in a good natured manner without letting negative forces affect you then you're free

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    The Balls Journal

    Does her personality linger like a fart?

    How do you tell if a girl has a personality that lingers like a fart? This is very important when screening women. Gotta screen them all because while looking good is nice it doesn't qualify a girl to be worth hanging around. In many cases you find very pretty women lack in personality. As do many of their male counterparts it's a trait of both sexes... Not in all cases of course but a good amount of time you're going to run into good looking idiots. To avoid pain and allot of nonsense screen for the lingering fart personalitys some women have.

    Here are some tid bits to help

    Imagine her as a fat unattractive women

    I do this allot I take a playmate and in my mind put about 40 pounds on her. Then I apply her personality to the fat girl. If hanging out with her personality without the looks makes you want to shoot her then put her in the catergory of (sexable but non-dateable)

    If her as a fat girl would still be fun to be around then pat yourself on the back you've found a winner.

    Debbie downer

    If her average conversation revolves around a pity part for her, and nothing is ever her fault. She falls into the (sexable non-dateable)

    If she doesn't complain allot then pat yourself on the back you've found a winner.


    If she ask you what you do and she doesn't have a job.. (Nonsexable and nondateable)

    If she has a job, and works hard. Pat yourself on the back you've got a winner.

    Slept with half the guys in your social circle

    If you know she's slept with half the social circle including you. Well she's probably really slept with the entire social circle. You will find in many cases the girls who "hang out" with you in a party crowd have f*cked everyone in the crowd. (sexable non-dateable) status

    If she's been in your social circle and has been holding out waiting for you because she likes you allot.. Then pat yourself on the back you've got a winner.

    Her friends are assholes

    If her friends are assholes then she's probably an asshole pretending to be nice to lure you in. (sexable non-dateable)

    If her friends are really nice and cool to be around. Pat yourself on the back you've got a winner.

    The ugly truth

    Finally to finish this off. Are you what you want from a girl? Are you dateable, or just sexable? Be what you desire from the opposite sex. Be the standard.

    Also what you will find is most girls who are beautiful have problems. Especially a perfect 10 usually their is something being covered up by the cosmetics or surgery. Something that makes her ugly beneath and most beautiful girls fall into only being sexable because their personality isn't worth loving. That's the ugly truth women never want to hear because it ruins their fantasy world. Yet it is the truth... A good women is a rare thing and if they pass your tests count yourself a lucky man and put in some work to make her happy. She is worth it

    The Wild One

    P.S. Fart

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    The Balls Journal

    Our arena to convey sexuality

    Women take advantage of the dance floor when in a club, or any venue because it draws our attention to their sexual value. Yet we as men have a similiar advantage when it comes to performing physical tasks such as labor. Being able to perform above or beyond physically in athletics, or hard labor is extremely attractive to women. This is something I use as a critical element of my game.

    In my love life I've come to find being a sexual item with a women is no less powerful than when women use sexuality to power over men. It's just how we convey it that changes. A guy jumping around on a dance floor is fine girls like it, but I've never had more powerful reactions as I get when I'm working from women. When I get out in the yard, or excercise I without even using a step process of gaming can hop easily into a womens bedroom. This is because I work extremely hard! When I'm in the gym, or doing any physical activity I'm putting my heart and soul into that. I value my body and work extremely hard to make it look good. So when I'm into something like yard work, or hitting the gym I get attention from girls like crazy. Most of the time I get opened by women and I've found it switches the game around. I become the sexual prize and it is a very powerful thing to be as a man.

    I just thought about this tonight because today I was out working and had four women approach me. I didn't and wasn't even focused on them I was involved in work and when I put in work you better believe I do it damn well. So that being my mindset I never even noticed the girls but they stopped staired and I assume got a little hot under the collar watching me work. I stopped to think about it and realized this is probably my number one method these days for getting girls. Which made me analyze what was going on and I realized I've simply opted for a different sort of stage to display my sexuality. Taking a similiar tactic women use on the dance floor and turning it against them highlighting my attractive male enhancements. All I have to say to guys in good shape is do what I do flaunt it really is to easy if you have a little charm to go with it.

    The Wild One

    p.s. Work hard for you also don't work hard in an attempt to impress you should be like me and just have that as a part of who you are. Anything else is try hard

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    The Balls Journal

    Now that is true and IŽm glad you figured it out:-)
    A mans devotion and hard work(why else are pictures meant to attract womens attention often photographed doin hard labour...) is sexy to us and even more if weŽre not getting much more than a little(like noticing weŽre observing you but not acting on it) attention from you. ItŽs not the muscles- itŽs the dedication." If he is that strong, devoted and passionate, maybe he would be the same with me?";-)

    Good for you:-)

    Cha DŽor

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    The Balls Journal

    Being picked up and yelled at :/

    Well today I had two interactions that go in two very different directions. One interaction a girl got upset, and the other I got picked up. Now to give you an idea of everything let me say when I was out today I had no intention of picking up or even talking to anyone. In fact I didn't want to talk to anyone at all girl or guy. I wanted some space from people.

    I went out and was shopping for food, and was going to get a cup of coffee. I had a girl come up to me hover and I knew before she came over she wanted to talk to me. Yet at the time I just wanted to get my coffee, and I didn't want to talk to her so I did what I'm good at and ignored her hoping she didn't see me. I guess in my mind I was turning away from her she being about two feet from me literally trying to pretend I didn't know she was their. Which because I was so blantent in doing this made her upset. She said I was rude, and kinda got upset about it. I didn't know her, and something about her felt wrong to me. So o well, but I was surprised.. I do this allot to girls when I'm out and need to get something done. Like guys girls go out shopping with the intent of getting out of the house to chat someone up. I've learned this threw many hour long conversations with women who I've kept chating with to be nice while thinking "dear god women I have shit to do." Yet I understand it and it's always the same types of women either taken or bored housewives. The common highlight being them being bored and wanting to have a flirt session or sex on the side. Either way if I'm not interested sexually to begin with ignoring seems to the best way to get out of talking to me. This time it didn't work haha first time I had a girl yell at me and get upset over something so small. I'm sure it had nothing to do with me but I kinda wondered. Am I being an asshole? I never intended to be an asshole I just wanted to get my coffee and go.. So I thought about that, and began trying to talk to random people in hopes of improving my karma.

    So I talked to a few people and had some nice little chats. Kinda got out of my shell for the day. I was about to head back home when this amazingly beautiful blond cutie asked for my help lifting something for her. She had to get a bunch of heavy stuff so I helped her move it. This girl was just spectacular when I saw her before she said anything my first thought was wow she's pretty! When she asked me for help I went in alpha mode ran her to what she needed done. On the way I could tell her voice dropped in pitch she started doing the flirty shy but interested sort of voice girls do when they're flirting without thinking about it. All my natural impulses pushed me into flirting mode. Flirting mode for me is just a flip that switches in certain situations with girls. The energy is right, and she wants you so without a bit of hesitation reading the signals right you take advantage of what she's offering. It's your lucky day

    So that was yesturday I went from making a girl cry to having some stunning blond babe jump me.. It was kinda perplexing haha but I'm glad that it ended the way it did because the whole crying thing was a downer.

    The Wild One

    P.S. Thanks Cha D'or

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