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    how old r u? how much do u way? can these ever b asked

    something i learned wen i was young was never to ask a woman how old she is or how much she weighs, its common courtesy. after having studying MM i wonder if there could be any use of asking these questions in the field.

    could possible uses for these questions be to get a girl to qualify herself
    or to use these questions as bait in the bait, hook, reel, release thingy?
    could they be used as a neg or IOD?

    I have no idea. COME ON GUYS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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    how old r u? how much do u way? can these ever b asked

    I would think asking how much she weighs would be out of the question unless she's a female who is just simply undersized and knows she isn't fat/chubby/whatever and the topic comes up. Where I live there's a saying that would apply for that situation and depending on delivery could also convey sexual thoughts.

    HB: "Blah blah blah I weigh 110..."

    You: *Surprised look* "What?! Girl you wouldn't weigh 110 lbs soaking wet..." (Wink or smirk to kinda give a naughty vibe)

    Not saying its perfect but if you feel like negging based on weight its pretty much the only thing I can think of. Its kind of thin ice because its probably the touchiest of subjects with females, and since they are already emotion driven beings, say something out of place even if you're joking, could be bad news bears.

    As for age, I usually neg in extremes based on what she's been saying. For example, if she says something that makes her seem childish (i.e. liking Winnie the Pooh, knowing the theme song to a kids show, or just saying something overly naiive) I'd say something along the lines of "Aw, how cute, how old are you again 10 (or any age appropriately younger than your targer and fits what she's been saying)? Isn't it past your bedtime, and how did you get in here in the first place missy? You must have a badass fake. Oops, I mean bad butt, swearing is wrong." I'd then grab her wrist and tap the back of her hand as if she were the one doing it, to throw some kino in. Same could be done in reverse, if she's acting like an old lady, just substitute things like, don't you have to be getting home (which subcoms your willingness to leave)? My grandma usually watches Golden Girls/Mattock/Hawaii 5-0 at this time. How has it felt watching the t.v. go from black and white, to color, to flat screen, to plasma, to HD? Must be mind boggling!" They both convey the same fun message and they both are extended negs at the same time which 9 times out of 10 will leave them qualify themselves about how they aren't young/old.

    These are the only ways I can see incorperating weight and age into your game. I think directly asking them what they are would be really difficult to pull off in a way that wouldn't get you IODs, but if you do, please post because I'd be really interested in seeing how its done...

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    how old r u? how much do u way? can these ever b asked

    I understand the qualifying idea. There are better ways to qualify. Better questions, like, "You don't like ice cream with raisins, do you?" "What's the most exciting thing you've ever done?"

    Age and weight questions are threatening questions. There is no good answer, except for women who look young and might be jailbait...then the age question is required...along with a real the governor...and a get out of jail free card.

    Neither age nor weight should matter to you. What should matter is, are you attracted to her? If you are, what does either age or weight matter?

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    how old r u? how much do u way? can these ever b asked

    i like that, using my age as a disqualifyer. so, in the field it still holds true that a man shouldnt ask age or weight of a woman unless to save his soul from jailbait.

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    how old r u? how much do u way? can these ever b asked

    The majority of women will lie about their age and weight if they don't already know you well. So don't bother asking her before you're in a relationship or have known each other on a long-term basis - you probably won't get the truth anyways.

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    how old r u? how much do u way? can these ever b asked


    its not that i wanted to know their age or weight. i dont actually care 4 their awnsers, i just wanted to know if i could use thoes touchy qeustions as a tool.

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