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    Anyone else's friends give them a hard time for running game?

    Checked my facebook today and what do I find on my wall but....

    ...from a friend of mine.

    Har har har.

    Even though it's obvious to him that I do well with the ladies, it seems like him and some other people I know look down on me for running 'game.'

    Anybody else experience this phenomena? Is it just a manifestation of jealousy?


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    Anyone else's friends give them a hard time for running game?

    lets admit it: mystery dresses like he just mugged a Hot Topic

    people can't see past his silly outfits to see that despite his personal weirdness that HE ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT

    my first reaction to the PUA community was "this is really stupid, this whole thing is a hoax"

    and I kept right on thinking that until I went out and actually tried it

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    Anyone else's friends give them a hard time for running game?

    Personally, I would find photoshop your friends face on a pic of an elf getting banged from behind, with your face on the one doing the banging. Comment with it on his myspace page and put the message "ahhh, rufees!!!!" above it.

    Concerning the question, no, my friends don't fuck w/ me about it cuz a.)I was running MM style game before Mystery was as big as he is after this last season, and had my own game before it happened and b.)I only have 1 friend who knows the game I run ever actually was MM, he borrowed the book from me and runs game also. Anyone who knows I have game simply knows that - I have game. Anyone who asks for help gets tips from me without community jargon. Instead of saying "qualify" I say "get her to prove herself to you" and instead of "kino" I say "get her used to your touch" or just "get your hands on her without being a creep about it, work your way up to more sexual touching, don't start with it" as an explanation of kino escalation.

    Mystery looks like a freak to anyone that doesn't live in a city like LA. Fact is, guy's got mad game and knows exactly what he's doing. He dresses like that and doesn't give a fuck what some dude that doesn't get laid or just gets laid by chance thinks. He'll be strolling off with the girl that guys been "flirting" with all night after a short amount of time anyway. How to deal with these friends, well, I say stay playful about it. If they try calling you out while you're in set and you seem affected by it they'll keep doing it. Instead, invite him into the set and let him be the social violator. He's the guy coming in trying to ruin the good times, frame him that way. Say "yeah, he's talking about that guy from VH1 with the big fuzzy hats, you ever seen him? That shit wouldn't work around here! Could you imagine my buddy over here *put your hand on his shoulder* running around to every body trying to cockblock them with a big fuzzy hat on? He still wouldn't get laid, haha".

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    Anyone else's friends give them a hard time for running game?

    Funny you bring this picture up because my friend sent me this today. He knows that i'm a PUA. Even when i'm talking to the ladies right in front of him, he's aw-struck like he saw a miracle when I got a girl's number. Right after that it's like a switch goes off, my friend and I are hanging out again, he'll ignore that event even took place. He'll talk about how the girl's not into me, or she wasn't cute or that she was desperate blah blah. Even the next day, he'll tell me that I got lucky or that she was drunk, blah, blah... I ignore and move the conversation into a different direction because I know how to control frame, conversational threads, etc. etc.

    What I've learned is that more people want to see you fail than to succeed (David D.) They WANT you to fail because it gives them a feeling of a superior power over you.

    I met Mystery down in Florida and the biggest thing I noticed about him:

    He was just a regular, down to Earth, cool guy. (not a "nice guy" anti-AMOG term)

    He just happen to discovery the formula to attract and date the women you want, and he's very good at it.

    The reason why he dresses the way that he does is because he's crafted his persona, behavior, attitude, and beliefs toward generating an image of himself that fits his personality. The AFC guys don't understand why he dresses the way that he does. He can pull it off because that's who he is, that's his Frame.

    For me, I can't wear a hat like that or even super black dark clothing, i would get blown out of set every time (i'd have fun doing it!) but because that clothing doesn't fit my persona.

    AFCs just don't get it. I've explained the game to my friends, I even had their eyes locked jaws dropped on the girls I was talking to. I try to teach them, but they don't want to be taught. Here's something else i've learned: You can't teach someone who isn't willing to learn.

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    Anyone else's friends give them a hard time for running game?

    Wow, that is a really tacky joke/meme.

    I think you should let your so-called "friend" know that he should never imply that you would ever kill or hurt a woman, no matter how funny that seems to him.

    Maybe that will make him realize what a jerk he's being by sending you this.

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    Anyone else's friends give them a hard time for running game?

    One of my AFC buddies knows that I'm just the sociable guy that talks to everyone.... However that is the extend of it.. As a matter of fact if people look at what I do... I run game on EVERYONE... because its good practice... and guess what else it does? it gives you plausible deniablity!.... He's simply the fun guy that talks to everyone.....

    Look, explaining game to afc friends DOESN'T work!

    Let's stop having these threads and further more I would suggest that we stop having this mindset in the people that study this material... If your explaining game to your AFC friends, your qualyifing... your also attempting to shake a paradigm that exists in their minds that they really don't want you to change and are going to resist it ALL the way.... not to mention IT seems a bit weird to them...

    Nobody cares about your success except you...! (roughly a David D saying)...(I'll add to the DD quotes already in this thread..)

    WTF... how popular is this show getting? I'm slightly curious...

    I'm not even going to touch the facebook issue directly itself.... (shakes his head...)

    All the best and good luck, bro


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    Anyone else's friends give them a hard time for running game?

    You want to know the truth? I don't tell anyone about this. I tell them I learned things about human nature because I'm interested in it and I'm a Mensa member so I just pick up things easy. I teach them but in a way that fits normal conversation. If they talk about mystery, the game, or anything else I just say "That's interesting, I'd like to check that out." and let it go.

    They don't need to know. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed, I just don't feel like getting into it. I have one girlfriend that knows, she thinks it's cool, but she's a homo and wants to learn too.

    Screw all those people, they will be laughing at you all the way to there place in the middle. I've had "friends" blow me out of set by telling girls my "plans," it doesn't work but why give cock blockers more ammo.

    Just keep it to your self until you find someone worthy of the knowledge. I feel this is a gift that should only be shared with a select few. But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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