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    AMOG tactics

    Anyone who has read my posts from a couple months ago knows I got AMOG'd pretty good by a couple different folks. One was a turbo gay dude(think all of the guys from queer eye and give them each a couple red bulls!). Since then though I have done some research and field-testing.

    This isn't really AMOG'ing in the game sense, cause the more I learn about this the less it becomes about seduction for me and more of a way to improve my life and get things I want from it.

    When someone says something meant to bring you down there are a number of ways to respond. I remember being in band rehearsals and someone would make fun of me in a way that everyone in the band would laugh. This used to KILL me and could ruin my whole rehearsal. I was a bitter dude and I took this very personally because I didn't have enough faith in myself. I gave their joking opinion validity simply by believing it was true.

    Now these people are my FRIENDS! Do they mean what the say directly and are they trying to be hurtful? Of course not. They're actually giving me the opportunity to laugh with them.

    So imagine what you'd need to do when you're AMOG'd by someone you don't know. First of all you have to wrap your head around the idea that it doesn't even matter at all. Insults and such only tell you that the other person isn't cool. My mother used to tell me that people who insulted you did so because they didn't feel good about themselves. I never realized how much she was right!

    Now the second thing to do comes from David J. Lieberman's "Get anyone to do anything" with the field-tested application coming from yours truly. He says a rumor can be fought in a couple ways but the one I focus on is dispel it by taking it to absurdity. If someone insults your glasses, take it further. I had a guy say I looked like Bill Laimbeer with my glasses. So I said yeah I know I gotta wear these so people don't start spitting in my eye when talking to me."

    Yesterday I got another glasses comment "Are you trying to be cool with those glasses?" I responded with "Trying?"

    The best way in my opinion though is whenever you're insulted to take it a step further. JUST ONE STEP THOUGH! Respond that way then stack forward. If you don't they'll just keep tooling. If they try again and you aren't paying attention pretty soon they'll get the clue that they're looking like an asshole and nobody wants them around. Having body language that makes you appear aloof really helps.

    I know this a bit of a rant but all this shit is field-tested. If there's anything that needs clarification please let me know. Also i'm not much of a PUA in the traditional sense. I don't want to bang models, strippers, celebs, have threesomes(or more), or start Project Queens. Although I will get to the point where I could.

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    AMOG tactics

    read up on Social Violation theory. its pretty solid on anything like this, and parallells stuff youre talking about so you should pick it up pretty quick.


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    AMOG tactics

    Quote Originally Posted by Intrigue View Post
    a rumor can be fought in a couple ways but the one I focus on is dispel it by taking it to absurdity.
    Totally true. I'm a naturally sarcastic cunt so when someone tries to reframe something I'm doing, I just blow it up out of all proportion to reframe them as the needy, reactive, attention-seeking one.

    I went out on Saturday night wearing a white shirt and a stripey tie. Some chode starts trying to AMOG me for it, after all I was talking to the girl who he was obviously trying to game. He starts trying to tool me:

    Chode: 'You're wearing a tie.'
    Me: 'Congratulations.'
    Chode: 'Why are you wearing a tie?'
    Me: 'Well, they sell the ties at the shop, and the shop sells them so you can wear them. It's a simple process.'
    Chode: 'What are you, a schoolkid or something?'
    Me: 'Yeah, totally. I'm currently sitting my SAT's (exams for 7 year olds). I'm really hoping that I get a grade A - if I don't my parents will be so mad...' (turn to face girl, roll eyes and make her laugh).

    I also managed to spectacularly piss another off by repeatedly calling him the wrong name. This was very easy, because if you do it as if its natural it really undermines his sense of identity. He was called Martin and I kept calling him 'Malcolm'. I was like, 'Hey, Malcolm, whats up?'

    Now what can he do to that? It pisses him off, undermines his identity and tools him in front of the girl. But if he reacts badly, then he's going to appear even more a chump in front of the girl because I was just making a 'genuine mistake'.

    PS. 'Project Queens'? Maybe you should get your turbo-gay friends down...

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    AMOG tactics

    Lieberman books are the shit.

    Something else is that I used to catch myself accepting other people's premise too often when they make a statement. Things change a lot when you train yourself not to accept the premise of what they say. A lot of the time, it's just habit though. I'm obviously not talking about big insults, because you shouldn't accept those either way, but a lot of the time subtle comments are accepted and then when you argue from that point of view, you've pretty much already lost.

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    AMOG tactics

    Project Queens in Queen's Projects ?

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    AMOG tactics

    Haven't read violation theory...I will check it out. These are just some of the things that help me when I'm in field. The better you are with the ladies the more jealousy it can create with AFC's.

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    AMOG tactics

    Have you ever considered ignoring the comment and being welcoming toward the AMOG:

    AMOG: Nice glasses...
    You: Hey dude, how's it going. This is my friend Carly and Michelle.

    Keep talking to Carly and Michelle as if nothing ever happened.

    What you will find is that in remaining unreactive, your stock remains high in the eyes of the group.
    You have displayed that you are above him by not playing his silly games.
    By introducing him into your group, you are displaing a gentle dominance over him... as in... you facilitate his introduction, you are the cool guy who made the introduction and you are not being rude by carrying on a conversation you were having anyway.
    Your niceness towards him should act to remove any negative comments he makes or wants to make (it's really hard to be a cunt to someone who has just been nice to you).

    You could take it even further and start a short conversation with him. In doing so, you are demonstrating your confidence and social skills to the group you are chatting up. You can also display other qualities without bragging about them to the group that you are with... Eg the topic of conversation may fall onto sport and I will comment that I box at a "pretty decent level". I will talk passionately about subjects which is of course attractive. I will mention that I am loving the atmosphere and how people are so much more friendly than in London (that helps to make him and others you are talking to fall into that category). By having a conversation with someone else, you are also appearing to be completely non-needy to the group you are trying to game - You turn, have a quick conversation and then turn back to the group.

    Baby Girl

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