Handling a group

To handle a group, you have to be able to handle girls alone. You may think you have help and input from the otherís in the group, but you are alone bro. As the same with every other interaction, you have to provide most of the talking, the topics, you have to push it along.

Most guys donít understand this, and thatís why they stall. They think the chick is gonna give them help, go in on the conversation, but that is definitely not going to happen in the first minutes of the conversation, and those are make or break.

Be prepared with canned stuff, or be ready to go off the handle. You must be able to adapt, so I encourage you to keep up on current events. Read a newspaper, grab People magazine, watch the news. Stay current guys, or you are going to be boned. Iíve seen it to many times at a workshop that a guy lived on the forums and forget to check out real life.

All the problems of approaching someone alone are magnified when you go after the group. Instead of keeping one person interested, you have to get everyone involved, and win them all over. YOUR SARGE IS GOING TO TAKE LONGER. You cannot move to fast, nor should you be concerned about the speed. Remember, you are out to have fun.

Do a Recon

Notice things about the group before doing a smash and bang job. Notice how much the girl is in with the guys. Did they just meet? Are they engaged? Calculate your risks before hitting the set but ALWAYS HIT THE SET.
The reason you have to ask yourself what the relationships with the people in the groups are is because you need to know how far you can take it. If sheís engaged, you are probably not going to take her home tonight, but you still should approach the set and chat them up. Some guys would say itís because you could use the group as a pivot, others would say you still stand a chance with any woman, I say you need to do it because you need the practice. Whether you are Joe Smith from Wisconsin or a PUG master, you always need the practice. Donít bail on any set because of logistics, you learn by trial by fire in this game.

Go Big or Go Home

You have to enter the group like you have balls of steel, even if you feel like you left them at home (or didnít have any). Take up space, throw your weight around. Donít just be a man, be THE MAN.

As always, remember to smile. A great smile (not a creepy one) can unfreeze even the coldest bitch. Itís hard to be a prick to a guy thatís having a ton of fun.

Be interesting, not entertaining. You donít want them to think you work at the place, so try to stay away from little tricks right off the bat. Tell interesting stories, but keep them about things YOU have done. You want them to like you, not just your stories.

GET THEM INVOLED. Remember that itís an entire group, and you have to be friends with everyone or else you are going to fail. Trying to win over the friends first is a pointless endeavor in my opinion and experience, unless you KNOW they are going to cockblock. Stand next to your target, and but remember to spend time talking to everyone.

Remember to keep your kino discreet from the group. The woman you are seducing needs to know that you are not trying to embarrass her, and that you will keep anything the two of you do discreet. A real man doesnít have to prove to the world what he is doing with her, he doesnít need anyoneís pat on the back for the crazy things you two do in the bedroom.