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    I was on the elliptical at the gym today when two girls got on the ones next to me and my friend. The one next to me engages in conversation with me asking the score of the game on the t.v. I take this as an IOI? So we keep talking I notice her hat is my teams rival, I tell her we would never work because of this and she seems taken aback by the comment and she laughs. Deeper in she is providing information what she wants to do, where she goes to school etc. without me even asking I take this as her trying to show high value? Well we keep talking and when the conversation stops she is the one that starts it again, another IOI? Well as she gets off to go do abs she says good luck because our teams are playing each other tonight, but at the same time my friend asked me a question and I got all flustered and didn't even give her a reply. This is because I am a dumb ass. How much did this hurt me if at all? Well on my way out she is on a machine on the path out, I am like reengage her and I pussed out plain and simple. This was a disappointment. Not even a bye. I figure I will see her again because her friend she was with goes at the same time as me everyday, how much did me not saying anything to her hurt me? I think that maybe it was good because it showed I wasn't needy for her attention. I dunno. Any advice on what to do next time I see her? Any advice criticism is greatly appreciated.

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    Howdy bro!

    First: don't put yourself down. You are not a dumbass. Silly things happen in the field sometimes. It happens. Just laugh about it and move on. Even the worst mistakes are a funny story to tell your PUA buddies later. Remember that reframe. It has served me well in the past.

    She seemed to be showing you a lot of interest. I hope you were rewarding her with some calibrated IOIs as well. All of the things you mentioned in your post were good signs though.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the not responding at the end thing. If it looks like you just got interrupted by your friend, then it's no big deal. You got interrupted by your friend! It happens, don't worry about it. It would have been good to give her a smile and a wave goodbye on the way out, but whatever.

    Next time you see her, continue to do whatever you were doing that generated so much interest. Qualify her a bit and reward her with some calibrated IOIs when she deserves it, build some comfort, and then shoot for an insta-date and go do something after your workout.

    Good luck brother, and let us know how it goes!

    Happy sarging,


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    Thanks prophet that is some solid advice.

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