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    what to do with (girl) friends

    Hey guys, first of all id like to start with how i got into the community. I started around a year or two ago with david d. which really got me going with cocky funny and innner game issues. i began to change around everyone since now i had the analyzing head that i believe all pua's need.
    okay so i was always very cocky and funny. and i always get ioi's from friends but my problem was that i did not have that playful attitude that mystery has. i began to fix my game once i got a hold of mystery method.

    99 percent of my (girl) friends are hot, i usually dont befriend any girls which are not hot, thats they main reason i began to speak to them. anyways, now that my game is alittle better i see many friends at college and i catch many iois and we have great conversations, but i feel like its been too long in the friend zone.

    If anyone has any tips on how to make moves on friends without making them uncomfortable around me...would really appreciate it.

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    what to do with (girl) friends

    Slowly start escalating kino and see how each girl responds to that. If she's good with it, escalate further until she tells you to stop. Eventually tell her what you want, but that takes calibration of you and the girl, your relationship with her, etc.

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    what to do with (girl) friends

    Johnny Soporano has a really good post on here somwhere about that.

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