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Thread: Craig (DYD)

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    Craig (DYD)

    Hey guys,

    Is there ANYWHERE I can find a collection of posts (or even more then just 5) by Craig aka craigsd220 of DYD fame?? He's an awesome guy and wanted to know..
    a) Is he still active in the community?
    b) Is he still posting anywhere?


    -x- Daredevil -x-

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    Craig (DYD)

    When I was looking for his elimidate episode (it was taken off youtube), some people informed me that he was inactive/left. I also heard that he requested that the video be taken down..

    This is just hearsay though.

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    Craig (DYD)

    He's probably quite active just from looking at his myspace profile.

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    Craig (DYD)

    His myspace account is private. So does anyone KNOW where we can get hold of his old posts, if not newer ones???

    That guy is a LEGEND...


    -x- Daredevil -x-

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    Craig (DYD)

    yeah, just search for posts by him in the masf archives.

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    Craig (DYD)

    I am uploading it now on youtube just search for Craig on Elimidate

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