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    Attraction post!

    Hey guys, I was thinking to have a Best attraction routines database. It must be field tested. So lets start from this thread.
    We already have the Openers thread. As attraction is used to be like very huge sticking point for beginners, so lets start by here

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    Attraction post!

    ross jeffries is king.

    Quote Originally Posted by ross jeffries
    I was reading this article that was talking about the difference in the
    way men and women fall in love. And it was saying that men usually
    feel an attraction right away but women by contrast usually feel a
    connection and then BECOME VERY ATTRACTED. I mean you know that kind
    of special connection you sometimes feel ... that mysterious compelling
    click that takes place right there (right in the center part of
    you).... where you really feel so warm, safe and comfortable and it
    just lets you know this person is going to be so right for you in so
    many ways and you just slide into that sense of having known them for
    ever as if is was meant to happen (as if you've always known them)
    maybe to the point where you picture this person so big and bright in
    that special place in your mine (you don't even know why you just have
    to go deep inside and find all those values that are so important to
    you and you just naturally link them up with this person such that you
    find yourself beginning to look through the eyes of attraction ...
    cause I find when you look through the eyes of attraction, look through
    the eyes of desire, that's when you can make that connection and really
    feel that growing bond growing more and more as you begin to imagine
    being with this person, in that special way that two people can feel so
    wonderful. And as you feel that passion growing more and more maybe to
    a point where you feel yourself just letting go completely as you allow
    this person to come deep inside releasing all those feelings that have
    been building and building up inside you just want to release them in a
    flood and I find when you do that now with me I find you just feel so
    enchanted like you are now under a love spell cast upon you such that
    you can't control yourself and just find yourself going wild with it
    feeling a powerful desire for this person where you feel so warm inside
    and ready for them to come deep inside you, that you imagine mmmm how
    wonderful it will feel you and me together.

    So this article was saying, that when it's really special that's when
    you can just stop and imagine a time in the future, say years from now
    still feeling that growing attraction and looking back on this moment
    as being the inevitable start of it

    You know I was telling my friend about this, and she was saying, when
    she really starts to feel that connection and grow even more attracted,
    she begins to pay attention in a special way. First, she becomes aware
    of the rhythm of her breathing the beating of her heart ... and that
    sense of growing fascination such that as she continues to BECOME aware
    of all this, one particular feature of this guys face begins to capture
    her attention so as she continues to keep looking its like the rest of
    the environment disappears and the entire world becomes this face ..
    this voice that just wraps itself around her like a pair of powerful
    but gentle arms .. pulling her in ... deeper ... just allowing that
    warmth to spread all through her such that you open yourself up
    completely and allow this person to come inside you so deep releasing
    all those feelings that have been building and building and building
    you just want to release those feelings in a flood. I find when I HAVE
    those responses .. it's like you just let yourself go completely ...
    and go wild with it ... now that's how I see it so clearly. Now what
    really fascinates me about all this is not just how people connect so
    powerfully .. but how people connect with their own needs and wants and
    desires .. like think about the difference between compulsion and

    ...i love the 'come inside you' part. haha.

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    Attraction post!

    I just field-tested this and it's pretty golden. However, it requires you to have some type of phone that can access e-mail -- I have an iPhone, which is a nice added DHV since girls are still fascinated by them for some reason.

    At some point in your interaction (I usually do this in A2 for those who study MM) pull out your phone (it can be while she's talking if you want a subtle neg) and stare at it intently as if you're reading something. Then look up, grin at her and say, "Oh my god, this is EXCELLENT! I just got this e-mail, and I've won five million dollars! "

    Delivered right she'll understand and laugh, then you continue, as if you don't know it's a scam. "This is the best thing that's ever happened to me! It says here that all I have to do is send my social security number and bank account number to this Nigerian address and they'll give me five million dollars! "

    I've actually sent myself an e-mail from an alternate address that I saved in a folder so I can call upon it at all times.

    I find this is a nice routine to display humor and there's a lot of different threads you can go into afterwards -- start sharing high value pictures on your phone, talk about crazy spam e-mails you've gotten, etc.

    It's also an easy way to transition into getting an e-mail close -- tell her to put in her e-mail address afterward so you have someone to forward all of your chain letters to, or whatever.

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    Attraction post!

    Cold reading is a powerful thing that can bring you into comfort. Girls love it when you can tell them something they don't know about themselves (flips an attraction switch, understanding women)
    I usually mix up my stack when I use cold reading stuff. Sometimes I like to use "you're the bad one, and you must be the good one" after my opener so I can gradually run in the 'sexual predator' (google it) routine. At other times I like to use cold reading when I know I'm done with attraction and have qualified the girl a bit. It's nice when you use it to get in deep comfort because the cold read will make her qualify herself.

    Most of the time, a cold read is a nice transition to some routine. In order to use cold reading effectively, I advise you guys to prepare a routine stack and then use the cold readings as transitions to your routines.

    So here are some of my favorites lines:
    -[say to 2set] "Oh my gosh, you must be the bad one of the two, and you the angel" [stack to sexual predator routine]

    -[quiet girl in set] Yeah, you’re more quiet…like Velma from Scooby Doo… you’re smart…and like to solve mysteries.

    -[target smiles]You have such a little girl’s smile…it’s so innocent…but I can tell from your eyes…that you have a sinister side to you.

    [if the target is quiet or standoff-ish] You know, it’s a real shame we met here because I’m sure that outside of this you’re really fun and interesting person and I know I am too. But people can never be themselves in a club. I mean, look around you. It’s guys trying to be super confident and girls trying to be super bitchy. Interesting thing is, someone like you is probably cautious at first, which is cool, but you’re probably pretty cool once people get to know you. It’s just that no one really gets that far.

    -[transition in comfort] I can tell that you are someone who at times does not take chances…and sometimes wants to shoot yourself in the foot because…you did not have the courage to try something new…but other times you are adventurous and take chances…and this is when you have the best time because…that is the real you.

    You know there are really two types of people in the world. Observer and those who are observed, and you are more the observer kind of person. I think when you get to know people they sometimes think you are aloof and a lot of men also think you are somewhat of a bitch... but I don’t think that's true, they just don’t know you. You experience the world through your emotions and want to make sure that the people you let into your life are good people who really come from the heart. That's why you first when you meet new people you just observe them and try to figure them out before you open up to them. But that's just some sort of protection shield cause when you are around the right people (point to self) and having a lot of fun with them, you can just let go and be yourself. And I think that's what you are really looking for in life, people who you can just be real with and who fully understand what you are all about as a person.

    Here are some routines that basicly use cold readings, one is the finger length routine and another is the 'infamous' ring routine. I also started using the 'handshake' cold read routine and I'm getting good response on that one so I posted that too. I like the use them in attraction because you get some kino (in attraction, make sure you kino'd before you use these routines because else they might not comply). Although the handshake is mostly used before/in attraction, don't use it in comfort because WHO THE FUCK shakes a girls hand in comfort Handshaking usually happens when the guy, who opened a set, introduces you to the set and you wing him. When a girl wants to shake your hand when she meets you, consider that an IOI, build some attraction and qualify her immediatly. Anyway, here are the routines.

    Finger length
    PUA: Hmm let me see your hand….interesting.
    When the ring finger is longer than the index finger, it means you had a lot of testosterone in your system when you were developing. You tend to be more assertive and aggressive person. You go after things and take what you want. I can totally see that.

    [or if her index finger is longer than the ring finger]
    When the index finger is longer than the ring finger, it means you had a lot of estrogen in your system when you were developing. It tends to make you more girly and feminine. You probably like pink and had an easy bake oven. You’ll make a good mom.

    HB: How do you know this?
    PUA: I read this in some psychology magazine.

    If the finger length doesn’t match her personality, tease her:

    [long index finger, but bad girl image]
    You have this tough exterior, but I know you’re just pretending. Inside you’re a sweet butterfly. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. [wink and kino]

    [long ring finger, but good girl image]
    You have this good girl exterior, but I can see that on the inside you’re actually pretty adventurous aren’t you? People probably normally don’t think that about you, but you have a assertive side.

    Handshake cold read
    PUA: You know, guys can tell a lot about a woman from the way she shakes her hand.
    HB: Well, what can you tell about me?
    PUA: Well, just from that handshake I can tell that…
    [different cold reads possible]
    Insecure…if you are, you will seem to be trying to hard to get my approval. I’ll bet that you are generally secure in terms of knowing who you are, but sometimes you find yourself in situations that make you feel unsure of yourself.

    Judgmental in evaluating a guy…I noticed from the way you looked at your friend when talking to me that you were making judgments about the way I’m acting and behaving.

    Happy… you seem genuinely pleased to meet new people and have an aptitude of “Who knows what doors might open?” I’ll bet that you are a generally happy person. You might have your ups and downs, but you seem genuinely open and pleased to meet me.

    Ring Routine
    Notice a gleam of metal on her fingers (a ring) and ask:
    PUA: I have to ask before I go with my friends. Why did you chose to wear that ring on that particular finger?
    HB: …
    PUA: Interesting… you always wear those rings on the same fingers?
    [Most of the time they were one or two fingers but in the same fingers , because is the finger where the ring fits.]

    Option one: (if she is wearing a ring.)

    PUA: I have a friend named Nicole who is the spiritual type of girl and she was telling me that the finger you choose to wear your rings on says something about your personality.

    Option two: (If she isn’t wearing any rings.)

    PUA: I notice you aren’t wearing any rings, that’s unusual for a woman (neg).
    HB: Oh that’s because...
    PUA: Okay so when you use any ring in which finger would you use it?
    HB: …
    PUA: Oh...I have a friend named Nicole...

    “Each one of these mounds (the pads on the palm where the finger joins the hand) is represented by a different god and in Greek culture you wear a ring on that finger to praise that particular god, to pay homage to that particular god.

    For example the thumb represents POSEIDON (Neptune) which as you will know is the god of the sea and he was very independent. He was the only god that didn’t live on mount Olympus, he did his own thing. And the thumb kind of sticks out, it kind of does its own thing. People that wear thumb rings are therefore very individual and independent and generally do their own thing. They don’t follow trends preferring instead to set their own.

    The index finger is represented by ZEUS (Jupiter) Zeus was the king of all gods, and the God of Thunder and Lightning. That’s a very dominant finger, and having a ring there means you tend to be a more dominant person. Wave your index finger at them like “no no no” or “don’t do that”. It represents power and immense energy.

    Your middle finger is represented by DIONYSUS (Bacchus) which is the god of wine and partying and is a very irreverent god – So if you have a ring there you tend to do what ever you want and are less sensitive about what others think. You then lift your middle finger up on its own and give the bird and say “its like fuck you to the world”. When they are wearing a ring they always laugh at this remark.

    Your ring finger is of course represented by APHRODITE (Venus). She is the goddess of love and that is why we wear our wedding rings on that finger. You can give all sorts of “you are looking for romance” type lines “when you fall for someone you tend to fall completely for them” type lines. You can add that interestingly it’s the only finger that has a vein that goes straight to your heart without branching of and so putting a ring on that finger is actually making a direct connection with your heart. If she is comfortable you Kino from her finger up her arm.

    The pinky is represented by ARES (Mars) who is the God of war and that’s why you see mobsters wearing pinky rings, it’s a kinda like hidden violence. It represents conflict so if she is wearing one say “did you buy that yourself or did someone give it to you?”. So if she bought it herself it means she is kind of at war with herself, she has some inner conflict, maybe an emotional conflict or something she is not comfortable with herself about. If she was given it then ask by whom and make up some conflict line about having some tension which may be below the surface between the two of you, some unresolved problem that you just haven’t solved etc.

    If she has a ring on her wedding finger say:
    PUA: Is that an engagement ring or do you just wear that to keep the womanizers away?

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    Attraction post!

    Matador's Gum Kiss Gambit

    *This is primarly used in C1, and isolated
    *Comes from Mind of Mystery Series
    *Need one piece of gum

    Matador: Takes out a piece of gum, holds it in front of her for a second. Then feeds it to his target, placing his finger in her mouth doing this, and he does it slowly. (No conversation)
    Target: (Chews gum for a bit)
    Matador: (Few Minutes Later) "By the way....I'm an Indian Giver, I want my gum back."(Lean in to 90%, and make her come the other 10%). Kiss her and get your gum back.

    This is lots of fun to do in field. ENJOY!!!

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    Attraction post!

    thats not matadors. its craigs.

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