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    She called me out as a pua!!!

    this is congruency and you by having it. What routines were you using?

    If you're not congruent with your frame then you'll look like a bad actor not knowing his lines. Find some new material, or take known stuff and make it yours.

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    She called me out as a pua!!!

    thats what i figure it is cause it seemed to be all good till i used a routine. the routine was just a story about an ex-gf and i going to banff for some skiing. at that point she must have realized that it was a set script (true or not) and blown me off. it was a real story but i've used it so often it must have sounded fake. i guess ill have to think of some new dhv stories. thanks!

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    She called me out as a pua!!!

    "Of course its a good story" or "Yes I do flirt sue me" -- TruTh

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    She called me out as a pua!!!

    Those wouldn't be good answers truth. You're defending yourself and breaking your frame. Breaking your frame here is crucial because if you let the comment phase you then she's going to label you as insecure.

    The only way I see to play this off is to become congruent and get off scripted material (not to say not to use routines, but you need to deliver them naturally). If you're getting called out, then its because you're being read as someone who's saying words out of their head and not letting them come naturally.

    Pretty much you only need to practice and work on your delivery.

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    She called me out as a pua!!!

    Checkers who says there bad answers? you? if you haven't tried you have no reason to say it doesn't work... said slowly and Truthfully you can stay congruent towards your frame. -- TruTh

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    She called me out as a pua!!!

    Q: how do you fix a broken car?
    A: by doing nothing.

    One of my favorite sayings, is that there ARE no stupid questions, only stupid observations.

    I'm saying, that if you get defensive about something you're going to make a concession that you don't want to.

    "Of course its a good story"

    And thats it. A story. Something I always stress with guys I go out with, is that they should keep their routines based (loosely) on experiences they've had themselves. If it just sounds like you're reading off of a script then you're going to look like a bad actor who can't remember his lines.

    So again, I'll re-emphesize that you should definitely take your routines you have, and try to work them around people/places/things that you've done and experienced.

    "Yes I do flirt sue me"

    Will work if you're running direct game (with the correct delivery). However, if he's trying to use M3 Indirect game, it won't work at all. He starts out just having a conversation, she blows him out and he tells him that he came over to flirt. Good way to get a reputation (not the good kind) at a venue. Women talk to eachother, and I've seen guys get blown from every set in the period of 30 minutes by using a routine, getting blown out, and using it again on a different girl 5 seconds later.

    The point is, that if she's not interested and calls him out he did the correct thing. Break off the set and retain some value for other sets. If you get into it with her, you're going to A: draw unneeded (dlv) attention to yourself, and you're going to stick in her mind that you had to use someone elses material. and B: she'll end up telling her friends about the "pickup artist" who she ratted out.

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    She called me out as a pua!!!

    Considering theres no way to see how I would word something threw writing.. I see... your points.. but I'm sly very casual speaker... calm collected.. -- TruTh

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    She called me out as a pua!!!

    ok good line

    ok freshy, my response to that would have been " you know what i have done this before and i have met a hundred girls like you. look around right now there are lots of pretty girl so what set you apart from the rest of them?"

    there ya go man thats what would have camo off my tonque

    your boy
    the wative

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    She called me out as a pua!!!

    well, wative, be careful of that.
    she might take offense and possibly even blow up your spot every time you try and game another girl that night.

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    She called me out as a pua!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by freshy View Post
    so last night i went out to a club in Calgary called the roadhouse and i was running game on a 2 set. i opened with the continents opener and went from there. it seemed to be going great. i was getting ioi's left right and center. i was just about to isolate as my wing stepped in and befriended her friend. he took her off to run a photo routine so i was alone with my target. but as i was running a simple DHV story routine, she just wasnt having it! she shut me out and said: "why dont you go back to your friends, it looks like you've done this before..." i denied it saying "what do you mean?" (which was a pretty lame comeback i realize. but hey, i was caught off guard...) she came back with "i think you know exactly what i mean!" so i told her it was nice to meet her and ejected politely.

    i really didnt know what to do when she said that! i figured the set was lost so i didnt even attempt to get it back... What can i do when that happens? cause if i continue running game, i feel like she'll call me out on that as well so you really cant go anywhere with it.

    also, if that has happened to anyone, or you think you know what set her off, please let me know what i should have done differently. cause i'm completely baffled!


    If you're getting called out then more than likely you're telegraphing to much interest. When you open remember it's at an energy level slightly higher than the target if your target isn't high energy and you come in like a crazy person thats seems like a player. Using lines that come across agenda seeking then your group is going to think you're fake. Then you're going to get called out and it will be fun for them. Unless you're a famous pick-up artist you should be coming in smooth. Everything should seem real and ligament. Even if you're using a line you have to make her feel it is truth and you're feeling what you say. Like an actor reading lines to an audience if he's not calibrated properly he will come across badly. If you're comfortable and feel what your saying passionately the audience becomes enthralled in your act. It becomes interesting and so do you. So my friend continue to practice and make your own pick-up openers. Think up questions that are interesting to you, and be creative with this stuff in such a way you're inspired. This will change you're interactions so that you're target just falls into you're net and you find her dragging you to her bedroom.

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