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    Sticking point: A3

    I've done pretty well with following the M3 structure so far....however, I just can't seem to nail A3 everytime. I hit up a couple of strip clubs tonight, but just couldnt quite nail it with some strippers.

    I had plent of female-to-male attraction/interest, but I just couldnt recipricate. I was lost when it came to qualifying the girls and making them feel good about themselves. I (ego aside) am a solidly above average looking guy, and in a way I feel that works against me. I hate for a girl to feel intimidated by me because I then think I need to work harder to qualify. I really just get completely lost in A3.

    Any advice on this part of the game?

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    Sticking point: A3

    I once read a very good thread by Psych_ on the "old" Mystery forum.

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