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    Can't Lose Weight

    Go to your doctor and have a blood test. If you genuinely can't lose weight with exercise + calorie deficit, perhaps you have an underactive thyroid.

    Google hypothyroidism.

    Hope that helps.

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    Can't Lose Weight

    Hi Cat

    Since I have lost a lot of weight myself, I hope I might be able to offer some useful bits of advice.

    I initially found "the Abs Diet" to be a very useful piece of literature. Its a very realistic way to start getting healthier without counting calories.

    Basic ideas are:
    1. eat 6 small meals a day
    2. calories in the end are important -- but if you eat 'real foods' you won't really be able to be overeating like you can when eating pizza and lots of sodas
    3. your diet is a lifestyle, not a short term fix
    4. get your eating habits going well, then add in exercise (within the next few weeks)

    list of foods you should try to eat daily


    Dairy (fat-free, low-fat -- cottage cheese, yogurt (WITHOUT FRUIT OR
    SUGAR -- the fruit is always fake)
    Instant Oatmeal
    Turkey breast and other lean meats

    Peanut butter
    Olive oil
    Whole wheat grains (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread)
    Enhanced Whey Protein
    Raspberries and other berries

    Lift some weights -- in the Abs Diet they say to do a circuit training routine, which should be good for you if you haven't exercised a lot in the past.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cat View Post
    Around March, I turned 38 and in the process of my birthday celebration I gained some weight. Since, I put in due diligence to lose weight but nothing happened. I increased my workouts and watched what I ate but my weight would not budge.
    I'm confused -- you gained a lot of weight in one day? I'm guessing you've been unsatisfied with this area for a while and this pushed you over the edge, is that right?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cat View Post
    Recently I got much more serious about it. I am working out four days per week and doing the Atkins diet (which has worked well for me before and I am comfortable doing it). I drink tons of water, I have cut back on alcohol consumption, and the amount of caffeine I take in. Still, nothing. My weight has stayed exactly the same for the last five months.
    Weight isn't your biggest concern -- your looks are. Right? You may be gaining muscle and losing fat, which would be good. Use a tape measure to measure your waist, this is a good number to try and reduce.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cat View Post
    I am not sure what to do. Obviously, I am pushing 40 now and maybe my metabolism has slowed down but it is pretty odd that more exercise and eating differently yields no results. I am getting discouraged. Anyone have ideas on how to jump start the weight loss process?
    Metabolism supposedly does slow down, but
    (i) don't get too stressed about it -- be patient and realize it will take time
    (ii) measure some things (body fat percentage, girths of body parts, etc) and take pictures every so often
    (iii) educate yourself. i think precision nutrition is the best way to eat (get this stuff on torrents if you dont wanna pay). is good too.

    just like most guys (AFCs) don't know how to get women, most guys don't know jack about physical fitness. a lot of the advice you'll get here about working out, is similar to the advice you'd get on yahoo! answers about picking up women, right? go to the better places for this kind of advice ( is good, as i mentioned, is good as well).

    lifting weights is generally going to do a lot better for you than running long distances, in my opinion, and according to all the science/results i've seen.

    (iv) also find a fun sport you like to participate in, so that if nothing else, you can derive fun from hopefully getting in better shape (for me this sport is brazilian jiu jitsu, and soccer and volleyball are also fun but i do them less)

    Hope that helps get you on your path!


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    Can't Lose Weight

    Quote Originally Posted by noblepaladin View Post

    2) Staying fit and losing fat is actually easy.

    3) Erase the concept of dieting from your mind. Dieting is a concept invented by the weight-loss industry so they can take your money. How ridiculous is it to eat like shit for 2 months, then buy all these weight loss products like Slim Fast and do that for 2 months to lose all the fat again?

    7) Don't plan cheat days. I never understood the point of a cheat day. Don't give a crack addict crack every Sunday.
    I agree with point two.

    Point three is a half truth, since most diets are for a long term change. While Atkins diets tend to cycle, many diets that include the 40/40/20 rule are very effective. The point is to use them while gaining muscle mass and, once the body has achieved the desired mass (assuming you're losing weight on the diet) you can adjust your foods by about 10-15%, as well as the amount of cardio, and maintain your general figure. Also, for many people losing weight and then putting it back on is a perfectly good practice - models, bodybuilders, players of sports etc may need to remove fat or increase muscle for limited periods but can put it back on in the 'off season' and relax their diet.

    Point seven may be true for you, but for most of us mortals we need a little fried chicken and a loaded potatoe every now and again. If you tell yourself a cheat day a month is fine you tend to fall into the cycle of, "When was my last one? Oh fuck it, I'll just take another one now it's fine." I have a cheat day every Friday and it works fine for me. When I started my diet and exercise I only had one cheat meal on Friday - so instead of tunafish and a block of cheese I could go to a mexican place and grab Fajitas and ice cream. Knowing that you have something good to look forward to keeps you disciplined. YOU may think that junk food tasting good has no physiological application, and is only caused by some mental connection, but I say fuck that - I

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    Can't Lose Weight

    Go to:

    Buy "The German Body Comp Program." It's a book on fat loss. It's the most effective method available.

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    Can't Lose Weight

    Can't Lose Weight

    No calories mean no weight gain, right? This is the popular line of reasoning for many diet soda drinkers. Unfortunately, current research indicates a possible link between artificial sweetener consumption and weight gain. A study in the journal Diabetes Care found that daily consumption of diet soda was associated with a 36 percent greater relative risk of developing metabolic syndrome and a 67 percent greater relative risk of developing Type 2 diabetes compared with non-consumption.

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    Can't Lose Weight works really well for me. Google "Kane Sumabat" well-known trainer who introduced me to the diet.

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    Can't Lose Weight

    I attempted to keep this short..btw. I've been lifting and eating right for around 7 years. I've bulked and cut time and time again. The following things should be read as tips to losing weight. I've been fat and skinny. I read about as much as humanly possible.

    I didn't eat any carbs, except for an apple or banana here and there, for nearly 5 months once. I don't recommend but you can survive. I was fucking ripped too. 5'11'' 170 deadlifted over 450 and benched just shy of 300. I will say that limiting carbs like that definitely helps control hunger. I'd also like to mention that we evolved over about a million year period. So just think that our bodies are smarter then we give them credit in most cases.

    1. 1g of protein per pound is a good rule of thumb for a normal person exercising and hoping to gain muscle (I can post a picture of myself if you need proof).

    2. Focus on calorie counting. Don't spend to much time in the gym (at most 3-4 hours a week, I'm serious). Its a crutch. Its even sometimes unsustainable and you end up feeling like shit, instead of feeling good like you should. Cardio sucks in my opinion. I never do it. Look around the gym at the people that are on cardio shit. Most of em are fat and the rest lift weights and use cardio for heart health. Plus its not rewarding. Whats more rewarding: I rode a bike in the same spot for 45 minutes or I deadlifted 500 lbs?

    3. Figure out what your maintenance calories(amount of calories needed to intake to maintain current weight) for your age and weight are. Subtract about 30%. Focus on eating nearly exactly that amount of calories everyday. If you have a bad day just don't go over your maintenance calories. If no results occur restrict them by 50%.

    4. Scales are bitches: Smash it. Get a tape measure and track that way. Take pictures with exact same conditions everytime. Same lighting, distance from camera, time of day, empty stomach, before bed, or when you wakeup etc. Do this ONCE a month at most probably once every two months. Weekly or every other week will be discouraging and show little progress. Also, sometimes we see we look a little better and cheat almost instantaneously so spreading it out is good. (everytime I hit a new personal best on a lift, I slack...NEVER be satisfied.)

    5. Eliminate all drinks besides water, unsweetened tea, and coffee. Things with caffeine can have a thermogenic effect and help burn fat. I have found protein shakes spike hunger so I do not recommend just not using them.

    6. If you aren't hungry, don't eat. Many people try and convince us that we need to eat constantly or our metabolism will slow down. This is sooooooo small and barely worth noting. You may eat a meal that contains 200 calories to "KEEP YOUR METABOLISM UP" and will only burn an extra 20 calories because of it. 200-20=180 calories you ate when you weren't hungry. 6 meals a day does one thing: Keeps you from getting too hungry. No matter what the frequency of meals is the thermal effect from food (what they attribute burning calories by consumption of food), its always the same so if you eat one meal a day of 2000 calories the thermal effect, in the end, is exactly the same or nearly identical to that of a 18 meals a day also with a total of 2000 calories.

    7. Figure out what keeps you from binging and if that means eating breakfast do it, but maintain an 9-10 hour eating window (in my experience this window is fucking awesome) and explaining this fully would take waaay to long (or you can think of it as not eating for 14-15 hours. Your body makes extra growth hormone around the 12 hour mark to maintain muscle so dont worry about the lack of protein in the 15 hour window). If six meals does it, do it. I, for instance, if I'm craving sugar I eat a tablespoon of JIFs natural peanut butter or drink an unsweet flavored tea, like raspberry or something. I also am very strict on the window. If its after the window is up. I DO NOT EAT.

    8. There is lots of broscience floating around and a lot of this comes from the supplement industry trying to sell shit. A lot of fitness magazines use broscience also... because guess who advertises in them (supplement companies... if you didn't guess). I have been a victim of the supplement industry in the past with the whole eat 6 meals and get 10000563243200gs of protein a day. If you don't use the food recipes in mens health, cancel the subscription. Its shit, well 90% of it.

    9. Hormones in your body make you hungry. Be mindful of them...sometimes you will feel like you are starving after you ate a 3000 calorie meal. These hormones helped us stay alive for the million years it took us to evolve but now we are smarter than them and know of their existence so we know not to give in. They pass.

    10. Our bodies are designed to store fat. Its simple: we evolved to do this and are still alive because of it. I like to think of it as give and take. I put some in to use later in a workout or just to stay alive.

    11. Eating a shit fuck ton of vegetables will help you stay full and has calories so small... I don't even count them when I count my calories. Meat also keeps you full for longer. Sugar spikes hungry hormones, so limit it or none.

    12. Don't eat grains....they suck and many have anti-nutrients. Plus most are processed into bread or noodles etc. Recently I think it was Kellogs changed there boxes from saying whole grains helps you lose weight to something saying it might attributed to lower weights. Some bullshit like that. Eat whole foods. If you eat good foods it limits the calories naturally because of the lack of excess crap. If you eat salad skip the dressing. I watch people poor 300 calories worth of dressing on salad. Might as well eat a small bag of chips...Little things can make huge differences.

    I hope this helps. I could probably write a book on shit thats correlation vs causation. Insulin sensitivity, leptin, testosterone, protein, carbs, fat, cortisol, etc....
    Visit I won't suggest everything on there but most of what he talks about is dead on and he helps us to see through the bullshit.

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    Can't Lose Weight

    Manipulating my macronutrients, while not giving up the foods I love, has worked best for me.

    Check this website out, this is where I learned how to lose fat, build muscle, and still eat what I want.

    Also do some research on a trainer by the name of Kane Sumabat. He has mastered the art of a lean physique with this philosophy. Good Luck. Hope this helps you out brother.

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    Can't Lose Weight

    1. First of all you have to get early in the morning than as usual. Near about 5:30 AM to do some workouts. By doing this your metabolism shocks because the body needs energy for working. This the first and very useful step to get your fat loose. You have to get a cup of coffee also to get the blood going on.

    2. Do Push-up. just do that you can do. 15 or 20 whatevr., but note that you don't have a lot of time for this. Rest 1 min then repeat again. this cardio exercise surely helpful to you.

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    Can't Lose Weight

    If you cannot lose your weight, then you should apply any good weight loss plan such as you should everyday wake up early morning and do Cardio exercise like swimming, running, walking, etc. You can also apply the diet plan with these all Cardio exercise.

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