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    Ok, Guys i'll be honest i'm not a big fan of online dating. It works for some people and thats great. I just enjoy the thrill of being their in person. Thats me.

    Anyway, I would like to point out that I enjoy field testing lines online because I have nothing to loose. My profile even has the name "Jake" well any way this is like the fith time my hook has worked well on this particular site any how. My hook being,

    Quote Originally Posted by Jake
    Congrats Halifax has the UGLYist women in the world...Don't click Yes, you will think i'm an ass.

    The ussual responce I get is,

    Quote Originally Posted by Lorine
    Just wondering why u said Halifax has the uglyist women in the world and then wanted to meet me? LOL
    So I responded with,

    Quote Originally Posted by Jake
    I liked your keywords
    I'm waiting on her reply, if she does reply mind you she has fallen into my Frame. If not, I have lost nothing and gained experience. By the way if you want to know what she looks like click here

    If you don't think my profile says what it says click here



    PS: She just wrote back,

    Quote Originally Posted by Lorine
    Oh.. I see. LOL So i guess u dont think i'm ugly.
    She's in my world now...

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    FR: Online CF:

    What is Funny?

    Hey,can I ask you a question? What is funny and funny to whom? Everyone has a differing sence of humor what you find rude this women ate up. I'll prolly invite her out with my friends and my self on Sunday for drinks at a local club.

    Funny to me is "I liked your keywords" Now she has to think, wow does this guy get me for who I am? Does he think i'm ugly? Now for the later whitch is why I belive she responded she is seeking validation. Does that make sence?

    She more then likely views her self as attractive and she want to see if she can get validation from the guy that "Thinks every one in Halifax is UGLY"

    Further more the "Funny" would be more so if I was talking to her in person, as I'm just useing her for a learning aid nothing is lost. When you stop careing what other people think of you you become free.

    When women sence that you are free they want you, they sence the Alpha trait and are drawn to it like cat-nip, women want to marry nice guys but love bad boys...I think at least Badboy and OG would argre to that.

    my 2c,


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    FR: Online CF:

    Congrats Halifax has the UGLYist women in the world...
    take it from a person who has lived in Halifax his entire life. we have some very sexy HB9's and 10's. yes there are a few fishermans ugly daughters, but in general the girls here are smokin hot

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