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  • Life Changing?

    Okay, I've been reading a few of the reviews of bootcamps, and I'm sold on the issue of bootcamp being worth the price. Since I'm seriously considering one of these bootcamps, what I'm most interested in knowing now is to what degree these bootcamps are life changing.

    I'm mainly interested in hearing from those who are more than a few months removed from attending the program--people who are over the high of seeing the masters at work. However, I'm interested in reading all feedback. Also, I'd be interested to know your initial motivator to attend a Venusian Arts seminar, as well as if, in retrospect, you would have still attended if that motivator wasn't there (for example, if you signed up for a bootcamp because Mystery was hosting it, then looking back on it, would you still have signed up if he wasn't?).

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    Life Changing all depends on YOU

    Before going into ANY boot camps be a master of:

    1. INNER GAME...



    Once you get your INNER GAME handled, then the OUTER GAME just by witnessing Mystery and Matador with their outer game teachings WILL make you a SUPER STAR. The Inner game will take a while though. I highly recommend doing hypnosis by Hypnotica, John Alexander's ebook, and even Anthony Robbins has some great stuff. Style has some tricks to improve your inner game as well. If you like DeAngelo, his material is so profound, it will make you realize how we are such a major WUSSes... Good LUCK!


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      DeAngelo has interesting material but he doesn't do as good of a job in organizing it as Mystery. Mystery has truly broken pickup down to a science and the categories and order he has created to it make it easier to memorize and execute. Both are good, but if I had to choose one - I'd go with Mystery.

      To answer you question - I've never done a seminar but bought his DVDs and they were well worth the price. The disadvantage obviously is that you have to be self motivated to learn the material and then go in field alone to practice.

      I'd also be interested in hearing from guys who are a few months removed from attending a seminar.


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        Difference Between DeAngelo and Mystery

        I agree Mystery has def advanatage of broken down the material and it does better job step-by-step in seduction. However, it is considered canned versus natural. In the beginning of learning his stuff, you may come off weird and strange if your INNER GAME isn't good. If you get your INNER GAME down and your body language is congruent, then Mystery's method by far is the best. DeAngelo gives you how to be a man if you find the right DVDs. He has so many out that the information gets so lost. I had to listen to most of it to find out what is gold and what is fluff or common sense. Basically, you have to reprogram your mind to be a man. YOUR INNER GAME must be strong or you can memorize entire mystery's book and you will look really weird in the clubs. Believe me, I have seen some strange dudes all over and they think they are master PUAs. If you see Neil Strauss talk about weird dudes doing peacocking and using canned materials over and over again from memorizing Mystery's book, this is what I mean. GET YOUR INNER GAME ON before doing any boot camps and learn from the best.