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  • 360 coach program

    I have a couple of questions on attending a v.a. 360 coach program. Firsts of all are you able to attend coach programs in Europe(if there are any) or you'll have to do it in USA? Do you have to participate in a boot camp or you can go straight on to the 360?

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    Hi Crysis...

    In answer to your questions...

    Yes, you are able to attend the Coach Program in Europe. This year it will be held in London (July 14-17th).

    and Yes, you must have participated in a bootcamp first and get one of the Master Trainers to give you the thumbs up. Dont forget - if you do enrol on the Coach Program within 3 months of attending the Bootcamp - you get 50% of your bootcamp investment back!.

    Hope that helps.
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      how do you find out about this new program that you pay for the whole package. from boot camp to master pua or trainer?


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        please clarify your question about "from boot camp to master pua or trainer?"


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          [B]Coaching Benchmarks - General[/B]
          by Discovery

          [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]for qualifying VA360 Coaches[/COLOR][/B]

          key areas are;

          [B][COLOR="Navy"]1. Theoretical Understanding and Knowledge[/COLOR][/B] - completion of theory tests and demonstration of understanding (will be observed in your posts also)

          [B][COLOR="navy"]2. Pickup Skill and Ability[/COLOR][/B]
          a. ability to demo a strong A1-C1 phase
          b. ability to demo closing - number closing, bouncing girls, kiss closing
          c. ability to demo Core Evolutionary Attraction as opposed to Buying Temperature in the moment
          d. Is he getting laid regularly? Whether by one woman or more.
          e. If they broke up, would he have options within a week?
          f. Has he demonstrated "solid game" in getting his GFs?
          g. Is he interesting to listen to? (good delivery?)
          h, minimum 8s! - (No Ugly Betty or 6.5s with 'Personalities' ;-)

          [COLOR="navy"][B]3. Practical Coaching Skills[/B][/COLOR] (learned on the program)
          a. demo good Coaching and Feedback skills
          b. Get good reviews from your Assistance in Coaching group at bootcamps
          c. demo Coaching skills pre-Infield - SWOT Analysis, Connecting and G-WAVE Goal setting, Personality Profiling, Adapting & Connecting.
          d. Assimilated Reviews of students at bootcamps (you will have already been informed of any good and bad feedback) - You need 2-3 consistent positive bootcamp reviews as a support coach

          [COLOR="navy"][B]4. Being an Ambassador of VA[/B][/COLOR] (how you conduct yourself)
          a. articles -
          b. forum - giving feedback and help to others and guys on VIP forum proactively

          You should have at least 500 sets under your belt by the time you attend. If not, but you meet above criteria and learn quick - we can help you with a personal strategy to both rack up the sets and 'practice perfect'.

          The following is what you should have BEFORE attending the Coach Program:

          1. Has base understanding of the our Model and books including Revelation
          2. Is willing to dedicate some time weekly to growing above understanding
          3. Has opened 500+ sets and has good awareness of personal sticking points
          4. Is available to attend the Coach Program and 2-3 Bootcamps thereafter
          5. Can afford the reduced program price of $11,900 (payment plans available)
          6. Is 20 years old +

          1. Has core understanding of the Our model and other pickup models
          2. Learns quickly and has willingness and time to put into action (3 nights practice per week min)
          3. Has opened 800+ sets and has good awareness of own sticking points
          4. Has some background in helping others in pickup, general coaching or motivation of others
          Wants to become more than just a coach, but also climb our ranks to become a Senior Coach or even master trainer
          has solid Pickup Skills and can demonstrate Attraction consistently

          THE ABOVE IS A GENERAL OVERVIEW AND NOT the entirety of requirements to either attend or qualify.

          Hope it is helpful