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  • What is super conference?

    What's the difference between regular boot camp and super conference?
    I heard of regular on this board and I have some idea about what is boot camp but I have no idea about super conference.

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    Superconference = Bigger, more of, New material...

    In very quick summary Kino

    there are 4 core training routes with VA

    1. Standard BOOTCAMP
    -2 days seminar
    -optional 2 nights infield (10 guys max with 2/3-1 instructor ratios)
    -optional 3rd day covering more advanced topics x3 breakouts.
    Day Game Mastery (Discovery), Strippers & Hired Guns (Mystery),
    Zen of Cool (Lovedrop), Matador Mayhem - advanced kino (Matador).

    2. 1on1s
    - you or you+friend with a Master Trainer or Senior VA Coach of your choice
    - can range from a weekend to a full live in week experience

    - circa every 3 months each Master Trainer (Matador, Discovery, Lovedrop, Mystery) will host a 1on1 style mini camp.
    - for circa 3 guys only
    - 2 days seminar (shorter 4 hours each day)
    - led by the needs of the group (discussed prior to arrival)
    - 2 nights live infield coaching
    - led by either a Master Trainer or Senior VA Coach

    - 2011 - One in LA and the other in London for Europe
    - 4 days long as opposed to standard 2 day bootcamp
    - All Master Trainers present and best of VA Coaches + Special Guest Speakers.
    - follows similar Bootcamp seminar for first 2 days, but with much new material.
    - then latter 2 days every 2 hours a choice of 2 seminar rooms
    -e.g. Attraction Magic or Cold Reading
    Storytelling or Dealing with Amogs, Entourage Dynamics or Threesomes
    etc etc - more specialist topics for 2nd 2 days with choices for each session.
    - +++ as opposed to 10 man infield bootcamps - all coaches and instructors - available for 2-3 man 1on1 style infield training thu, fri, sat and sun night - (heavily reduced prices so book early on this one.

    Ok, hope that clarifies Kino buddy - thanks for asking :-)


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      Thank you very much Discovery.

      This thread really cleared my mind.If we can see this kind of information on your website.I did not have to bother your time.I really appreciate it for your time.


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        Professional manner

        >>>>>>We bought in Discovery precisely because he is a real trainer, like a "Trainer of the Year, 3 Years Running" kind of guy. He knows how to build a real, professional, coaching organization, because he has done it before. And that is the sort of thing that no other pickup company is taking seriously, yet–but they will, as the marketplace continues to mature.

        The coaches-in-training travel to VA bootcamps, practicing their skills with us over and over again in the field. They are trained in coaching techniques and in pickup theory, with a special emphasis on the different personalities of students they will encounter. They do personality profiling, SWOT analysis, personal action plans, praise correct praise, etc etc etc PROFESSIONAL COACHING. As part of their training, VA coaches also do some free sessions for bootcamp students who live in their local area. That's a benefit for bootcamp students as well.>>>>>

        I agree with this.Quality control is important.Home page,blog and forum are face of company.If you buy products and service from online,everybody look at company's face then decided this company is good or not.I mean you can trust or not.If you see home page and blog are not updated,everybody feel it red flag.If you see obscene picture posted or some unrelated thread like sports game info like Super bowl,watch for sale on forum red flag.If blog is not updated for long span more than month,it's red flag.If you did not receive quick response when you ask to company and did not return any message for a week,it is read flag.Third party review is important but sometimes,even third party review is slanted because I see attack from other companies on the post.But homepage,blog and forum qualities tells some objective idea to consumer.This is not about pickup company,it holds to any kind of business which use internet.Plus many people care about that company does something like spam message or not also adds to criteria.

        Pick-up companies service is not cheap,I mean it is not the price you buy book at book store,buy dinner,jeans at store.It's like buying name brand suits,etc.If you are rich,you just jump it and take it like buying ordinary people buy jeans.But it this service is not like buying material more like learning martial arts.If you go to Karate etc monthly fees rage are from 60 to 200 and most of the place charges about 100.You are expected to train at home not just dojo and everybody knows result does not come just right after month.It takes two or more years to reach to black belt level.You need to learn form before you fight free style.I think this analogy holds to pick up.Routines and stacks are Kata for Karate and judo.From Grand master to white belt,there are many different level.It took years and year to create Kata without using kata you can't teach karate and judo.There are many books and DVDs for martial arts but if you have chance to learn in person,you learn more.This is not like cramming for exam.But many people have this habits for learning.

        if you learned skate board,surfing,skiing,snow boarding by yourself.I think books and DVDs are good enough.

        I feel like learning pickup is like learning foreign language,playing music,learning dancing,learning martial arts.

        I like the statements of article on this blog.Qualities and affordability comes down to your choice.

        i shopped around many companies HP.I found not many companies have qualities like other business have.

        Some are Ferrari,some are toyota carolla,some are used car.some are even lemon.

        Look at HP,you can tell those companies difference plus customer services.

        Anyhow,I believe VA is Ferrari class among pickup industry.It's good to hear focusing on qualities.If you look at companies face you can tell the quality of company.

        I apologize here my long writing and bad English here in advance.


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          Best order is take regular one first?

          Some people must wonder they can take one on one first because of time constrain,because boot camp comes back town one year or longer cycle.Some people are willing to travel for boot camp but some wants to take it local one then he expect to meet some local guys who is into pick up.You also know some of location.Going to club gives me anxiety,I can go bars alone but clubs?I have no idea about it.London has some quite easy to go place,I mean so many tourists are go there and I did not feel any weird tension to go there even alone.No pressure like what do you have to wear,you should be with some number of girls.

          Masters and senior coaches can do same things in anywhere but for newbies,they want to learn this at home ground.I mean somewhere you can come back after that.