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  • Does VA sell this product in Japan??

    Dear Venusian Arts?

    I received some spam from Japan and I have a question for you.

    Do you guys have partnership with this guy?

    Yu Imai? Does this name is familiar to you?

    He claims himself, "I am certified by Mystery".

    Their ad use Mystery's photo's and message from Mystery.

    His e-book is More than 200 bucks today's exchange rate.

    Let me show you how Mystery's photo is used for his e-book ad.

    Here's link


    First one is really weird and no-class.It's far from VA web site.

    I bought Revelation and this e-book price is insane.Without any video footage?First I thought DVDs or something but it was just e-book.

    I don't see this guys name on VA website's about us.Is he really Mystery's business partner in Japan??

    He even does not show his face on his product and just put Mystery's face and worst one is a woman ride on dirty old Japanese guys face.Are you kidding me?I don't want to be that ad myself though.

    If Mystery knew this guy and you do business in Japan.I say I am sorry but it's reminds me Arnold was on Japanese CM.

    Well,anyhow you may see this kind of stuff everywhere maybe not just in Japan.

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    Thanks for the info, we'll look into this.


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      Thank you azaels-wolf

      I hope someday,you guys provide authentic service in Tokyo.There are some investment Bankers from the US and Europe plus there are many western women and eastern european women in Roppongi.Like a Singapore there must be some needs for bootcamp.

      Foreign language service?If VA has authentic coach from that language,you can provide service but if not just stick with English speaking clients is better.

      If they used Mystery and Matador image without permission and put his name on their products and putting "I am the only guy Mystery gave credit' and Mystery's recommendation letter??" is not acceptable.If that guy telling lie,he must pay the price.


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        Here's Their contact info

        Name :Takako Kato/ Yu Imai


        080-1310-0952 [email][/email]

        Above is their address and number.
        Here's address in English

        5-11-2 Tsurumi river mansion 101
        Tsurumi chuo Tsurumi-ku Yokohama-shi Japan 230-0051

        I found they are nothing relate to Venusian arts com.This guy claim himself as VA coach and partner?I never found this guys name on this Venusian though.I only see boot camp in Asia is only in Singapore.


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          Great, thank you, I am forwarding this information as well.