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  • Online Class?

    I wonder if there are online course for video course here.
    Video demo,from cloth to body language,conversation coaching,voice,kino demo,coaching,filed camera of grues and instructors.

    I know best is the learn in person.But I see a lot of distant learning systems and you don't have to wait like DVDs.You can straight access to materials.

    live class is the best for the most of the learning style but I think it is interesting though.

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    instead, how about a class on grammar and spelling?


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      Yeah,sure I need to improve English before then.Ha,ha,ha!


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        Don't be an asshole flowing...odds are he knows more languages than you, and everyone knows there is a correlation between the number of languages one knows and their intelligence.


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          But yes, that is a REALLY good idea...the only issue is people would just rip the videos and share them with everyone for free...the best money is for sure made in seminars...though these videos would be a great way for passive income.


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            Thank you,Alboi.

            Even VA tight the security then, only online class students and bootcamp alumini can watch those archives.VA issues password to then renew passport every month.

            If VA has good security for online course,I think it is good idea.Because some people wait for bootcamp is coming to their hometown or somewhere close.

            I think many people wants to take bootcamp at their home ground not away.You will know where to practice and also you will know the bartenders and people work there and those people are on your side latter.

            Then those who take online class will be offered some discount for field training or discount bootcamp.

            I just thought it is interesting.DVDs are good format but some people live with roommate and he is afraid of his roommate may find pick-up materials and embarass himself.

            It was hard to buy mystery method book and pick artist book at regular book store.Well,it was better than found by roomate though.But I felt paying porn magazine and magazine is much easy.If roomate found this, Roommate may tell about every friends and social value came down.

            well,after you learned it and then your friend says why you are so smoth with girls then saying I learned this from VA is cool but before becoming PUA and then friend find this is uncool.Plus some guy may live with parents or live at college dorm.Do you think those guys easy to buy DVDs?

            sorry for non-native speaker English in advance.

            Well,you may bump into foreign born HB,specially if you are in LA,NYC etc.I don't have experience with american women but I have met many eastern european girls,Frenahc and German girls here and they don't like the attitude of someone make fun of their English.For my case I want to go for American girls because it is mainstram and I want to try it for self-improvement.It also improve my communication skills.I think it gives good motivation.

            Well,I love LA,they accept me as a friend all the time.I did not have good experience in south though.


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              Lol ya the south is a place for people from the south and them only...not all of them, but a lot of them are a bit behind in the times when it comes to equality and openness...

              You should email someone and tell them about your ideas for online material. Another issue with the online material is that they will have to make it all, which takes time.

              Before you order any dvds or make any purchases you should really try to apply what you learned first so then you can see what you actually need of the dvds.


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                Yeah,I know not all of them.One time blonde girl bought me a beer then I start conversation after I enjoyed conversation guys followed me and kicked me from behind.This is my South experience.In LA,I have no problem to walk with blondes with both in my arms and walk outside of bar.(I did not go furthern than kiss and phone number).

                Yes,I am reading e-books now.I know first apply the things I learned from e-book to real life.


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                  haha who put nuts in flows cereal, dang bro the guy asks for help and you kind of went the opposite way on that one


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                    Hey kino, you said that you have been reading e-books lately, can you give me the names of any that you found rather helpful?


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                      I read some e-books and I can say "you can learn more from bootcamp and if it's not available, DVDs is good form of your study.'Among e-books Revelation is the best.You can learn theory from e-book but it's better to see how masters move their body and learn tone of voice etc.You need to learn behavior and action.You can visualize it.If you have not purchased anything,I would say buy DVDs and CD set.I will do that when I finished to read e-books.

                      Because most of seduction stuff is based on Mystery's method or so it's called Natural game.If you are good looking,just be yourself and go for it works.If you are ordinary guy,you need to learn and fix your weak points.I think Natural game is BS because if you just be natural and ok why do you have to spend money on it???It's like this if you have strong weapon like height,well built body,you win against smaller guy in fighting.That's why boxing have weight division.Aikido master flip big guys,he has skills and trained mind.You need to practice your skills comes to your second nature.

                      Let's see Karate,kang fu,Aikido and Judo.New students learn forms from master then after he learned forms he goes competition and learn from fight.While you learn martial arts you correct your form by master and senpai, over and over.Then you ready to fight.
                      Some people learn books but it is hard to grasp and you need to have strong determination.Some people buy martial atts technic videos,it is much more easy to understand than books.Some people learn those from distant learning like correspondence.Someone who has not been to golf course,they take lesson before they go to course and then after learn from game. You learn your game'serror and fixed it by coach.

                      Book is the cheapest way of learning but it is hard to implement skill into real life because without doing.You just know it but still you can't do it,if you did not use it.If you learn from person,you are force to do it.

                      I know it cost more for you because you have personal attention from instructor.I know if there is no money and time constrain learning from person is the best.

                      About book on the market The rule of game is good.Because this book is well structured and you do task day by day.If you buy regula books buy mystery method and this book.

                      sorry for bad English in advance.


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                        It's really helpful but I recommend you DVDs sets.

                        e-books are not bad but it cannot beat DVDs and live.Let's see you want to learn martial arts,there are many learning form of Martial arts from books,DVDs,distant learning coaching and training at Dojo.

                        Learning Venusian arts is same like Martial arts.If you want to learn kang-fu from Jacky Chen,it costs a lot.My cousin actually went Hong Kong for taking class.I heard Jacky showed his tecknics short time.Jacky showed up only short time.He is busy guy.My cousin practiced Kang fu with some other coach while he was there.If you want to learn something from someone famous in person, it cost $$$$$.There must be some good Kang fu instructor locally and you don't have to fly to HK but some people want to do that and spend a lot of money.Learning batting from A rod.Learning acting from Hollywood star,Learning music from Rock star.You can imagine it costs a lot ,if you learn from them.

                        DVDs is good self study material because it shows how to do it,right in front of you over and over.But you have to do it in real field.

                        Book is the cheapest from of getting information.If you are self learner,you still learn from this form but it takes time.

                        Another example is learning how to play golf.First you may buy book or take class before go to course.some people just read a book and on the course and can play really well.

                        About pick up?

                        some people does not have to learn it from first,they can do it without someone's help but if you need a help you need to learn right form etc.

                        I would say Bootcamp is the best and second is DVDs.I know it is time and money constrain for many people that case go e-book first then practice it and save money.


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                          Online format?


                          I checked Revelation download site then found online format program.

                          I checked some of them.I would like to ask Venusian arts please take a look at Zen of arts billing page.I think you guys need to fix it.I think it is mistake.Ads page says Price: $197.95 but credit card billing page says

                          Zen of Cool: digital delivery Amt
                          1 Payment of $44,497.00

                          Download format is some people like it because you don't worry about shipment and room mate eyes.


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                            Haha thank you, I am reporting this for correction.


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                              Yeah,sounds good!

                              Some people love physical products and some people afraid room mate eyes or parents eyes.

                              Thank you for reply Wolf.I think it's good idea.When new product is coming up?I mean the one VA mentioned about hired guns special DVD.