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  • Bootcamp or 1x1 training?

    I am reallllllly considering getting some infield training from a mPUA here at VA, but the schedule for bootcamps is a little difficult for me (I work a very full time job) but I could probably find a way to get to a boot camp. But what about the 1x1 trainings I hear about? I hear they are even better, but I can't seem to find too much information on it.

    So guys, boot camp or 1x1? What are the advantages/disadvantages of the two?

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    BC- more people, more teachers, same lessons.
    1on1- only you and only teacher, same lessons, but then you learn their particular style of PU.

    I would say go with a 1on1. but really consider who you want to have teach you. Remember these guys are all different but they are yet all the same. Their styles are different and they do or say things differently but that's what's so great about all of them. Besides you get their full attention. All of you questions answered. And you will not just have a teacher but most likely a friend by the end of it all.


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      Yea, I think I want to do 1x1 training.

      According to the site Mystery is 15k, LD and Matador are 10k, and then there is

      Discovery at 3.5k
      Kosmo at 2k
      and Colgate at 1.5k

      But the page isn't very clear on anything else =/ like how long the training is, if there are any other prices dependent on time, or when this type of training happens.

      Kinda hard for me to call the VA number because I am in the middle east right now, and the time differences are crazy D=

      Anyone have anymore information on 1x1 specifics?


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        Hey Ari,

        The best thing is just to give a call to VA.
        They got people all over the world so there is a big chance that you'll catch someone of the team.

        Or just send them an email with your name, contacting information and when the best time is to call you.

        They can help you out with any question you have on this subject.


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          Hi Gentlemen,

          This is Discovery, Program Director of VA. Yeah the prices you have there seem way old! Not to worry and to bring you up to speed, we are now doing full weekend 1 on 1s and each Master Trainer (Lovedrop, Matador, Discovery and Mystery) have agreed 1 weekend per month to dedicate to 1on1 Coaching.

          there are various packages and offers, depending when and where.*

          e.g. I have a weekend coming up in July with a free slot for Matador and that particular weekend is $5k and.... if I can combine 2 guys together, we can give you it at $3.5k each!!!! - that is awesome value (1on1s for 2??? - yeah it works great as when one is approaching, the instructor can break it down for the other guy observing - so you get double the value of learning - and cheaper!!!).*

          We can travel to you (anywhere in the world, but that will include travel expenses and extra time) or come to Los Angeles for Matador, Lovedrop and Mystery and UK/Europe for me (Discovery).

          think also about what kind of weekend you would like as each Master Trainer has a different style while following the same Model.

          Matador - strong and direct alpha characteristics with super fast responses from women. Positioned at intermediate-advanced level, Matador will push you beyond your own perceived limitations!
          Lovedrop - Relaxed, cool playful vibe - very much under the radar and using amazing conversational techniques, not requiring routines. Great for a guy getting into the game needing confidence in approaching and those needing more than just routines - Expert at Storytelling.
          Discovery - Presence of Matador, playfulness of Lovedrop and slick as hell routines like Mystery - weaves in Life in Balance elements and Fashion/Avatar Creation and Day Game expert.
          Mystery - need we say more gentlemen!

          typically a day is circa $5k per trainer, but on these specific weekends we have dedicated for 1on1*training, you can get a full weekend for $4-5k OR combine with another student or friend for circa $3.5k each. - Great Value.

          If you would like to discuss 1on1 packages contact me direct and I will let you know what the latest availability and investment options are (for future sessions, you can even spread your payments over a few months!).

          contact me direct on*
          or call me direct on +1 213 270 1191 (USA) although am on UK timezone part of month, but will get back to you on your time zone if you leave a number.


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            I thought it was one day for that rate.I saw the rate before on this website and I thought that rate was for per day.

            If I knew this,I could take it while Discovery was in LA.Right now,my budget is limited.

            No nobody answers me what is super conference and regular boot camp.I would like to know the difference between those two.