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  • Next UK Bootcamp with Day Game

    Hey Venusian Artists and coaches, how are we doing?

    I went to last London bootcamp in June, and therefore I'll get the future bootcamps for free. And this is where it gets confusing. How am I signing up for the Manchester one in 3 weeks time? And I'd like to take the breakout Day Game on Sunday after the seminars. How much is the Day Game class, in British Pounds?

    I'm excited to meet everyone... again.

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    You are right Horsetail - You will recieve the Seminar Portion free for up to 1 year as part of your FREE [B]Alumini membership[/B].

    And thank you for raising this perhaps small glitch in our process - there is presently no Alumini sign in for the Bootcamps - Please in the meantime contact me directly - [email][/email] for all Alumini access to bootcamps - [U]we do need you all to register[/U] so we can choose the size of the seminar room.

    [B][COLOR="DarkRed"]Master Level Breakouts[/COLOR][/B] - for those of you dont know differ from bootcamp to bootcamp and include:
    Zen of Cool - Lovedrop
    Day Game - Discovery
    Routines and Gambits - Discovery - NEW
    Way of Being - Matador
    Matador Mayhem - Matador
    Strippers and Hired Guns - Mystery

    UK Price for next Bootcamp in Manchester is circa 230 for 1 or 598 for all 3
    each is a small personal group and lasts for circa 3 hours each.

    Hope that helps


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      Hey guys,

      I'm confused, got a mail from the mailing list about this saying there is a bootcamp in manchester in august, but earlier threads mentioned one in London in October. I have a couple of questions:

      1. Is Mystery himself teaching at the Manchester august bootcamp?
      2. Is Mystery himself teaching at the London october bootcamp?

      If he is then:
      3. Does the 598 cover the entire bootcamp?



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        I can reply to your 3rd question right now. The 598 is only for the third optional day. It doesn't cover the entire bootcamp.


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          UK Price (Manchester) clarification

          Just to clear up some prices for UK.....

          unfortunately fellas, the amount is charged in dollars (the only way we can offer you payment spreader options) so UK prices are approximate.

          Manchester Bootcamp next weekend is a 'restricted' bootcamp in that we can only take 15 seminar places and 6 infield (an experiment of ours for non US countries to work with smaller teams infield). So places ARE limited.

          As I write this right now there are only 2 infield left and 3 seminar for next weekend.

          The London one will go ahead too. We really want to have regional training in UK, so as to foster good new wing relationships with local guys.

          I will be heading up the UK Bootcamps (Mystery will do 1 per year in UK only) with my ever so thorough UK VA Coach, Caddy (you can see his 'top of the charts' Creating your own DHV articles on the home page right now). And on that theme of practicality, this is a core direction for UK bootcamps.... to be teaching very practical infield skills that can immediately be used as well as set you up for success post bootcamp.

          The infield portion will be Caddy and I (Discovery) and will have each 3 students which will rotate each night - so you are actually getting close to one on one support for a 10th of the cost.

          there will be 2 breakouts on Sunday in the UK bootcamps...

          1. Day Game - Discovery
          2. Routines and Gambits - Discovery

          230 each or 395 for both.

          Full Prices;

          Seminar only - 495 (2 days attraction seminar)
          Earlybird offer open till Mon 24th = 395
          Seminar & Infield (Master level) - 1,950
          Earlybird offer opent till Mon 24th = 1,400
          combine Live infield, seminar and breakouts for 1,750 (spread over 2 monthly payaments too)

          hope that clarifies all - call me direct if you need anymore details - +44 788 555 3000.


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            Hey Discovery,
            Its Shak 'lone ranger- haha' from last weekends manchester seminars at the mal.
            Really enjoyed the experiance looking back on it.
            it has encouraged me to use the mystery method more over natural game, im working on a list of openers as i write.
            anyway it was a shame i couldnt do the day game on the following sunday as i would have loved to do it have done it!
            please let me know when your next in manchester doing day game or even a boot camp
            Kind Regards


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              Hey Discovery,

              It's flat voice here, I really enjoyed the regional bootcamp experience.

              It was good that it was postponed 1 week as I was down with a cold last week, and this week I was still not on top shape, but took a painkiller and went on with it so that a bootcamp would be under my belt.

              It filled in the blanks for me and your honest and (harsh) feedback on everything I do but nobody told me so far is what I exactly got.

              I already started working on them and they started working wonders already and people in the office tell me I look very happy and smiley today from to

              I will put down a detailed review of the bootcamp as well.