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  • Subzero's custom skype coaching

    I recently signed up for a skype coaching with Subzero. He created a custom
    program based on my sticking points.

    Gonna document my progress as I go

    Coming into the first lesson with subzero... I wanted to have a bunch of stock openers... I wanted to have fun with my openers... and I wanted to minimize my approach anxiety

    - After the first session I went out the same night... and had a bunch of openers to use... I enjoyed my openers and had a lot of fun delivering them... which... hand in hand... minimized my approach anxiety drastically!

    - That night I opened 6 sets using my stock openers... and at least 5+ more using the same concepts I have learned but coming up with my own openers!

    other things worth noting about my experience so far
    - very organized and timely
    - very very generous with his time, email support
    - tons of material combined with in depth explanations
    - techniques on how to be natural without canned lines
    - direct and indirect game

    - so far I am very satisfied with what I have learned... as a matter of fact... I am going out tonight to have some more fun and rock it out!
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    OK so 3 hours of working with subzero so far... and my whole attitude took a 360 degree turn!

    I am happier... I'm not stressed out anymore... I'm having fun... and just enjoying life!

    I have been approaching girls left and right... I can't tell you how many cuz I lost track

    I have a stock opener that works every single time and always get's a positive reaction... a smooth transition leading into a buying temperature piece... and a solid soft close/time bridge routine I've created...

    I wen't from years of trial and error ... frustration ... and always starting over practicing on A1 ... I swear I practiced A1 like a million times ... and never had fun really ...

    ... to 3 hours with subzero... no stress ... no frustration ... no outcome in mind ... just having fun ... successfully opening every set ... increasing buying temperature .... and setting up day 2's

    Was it worth the money I paid for 3 hours ... well considering that I was probably going to spend that money on the extra gas ... just to go and pay to get in to the club ... and get frustrated and not have fun ... then buy some alcohol with it to loosen up ... just to act wild and crazy and not really accomplish anything...

    vs... investing in my future ... into knowledge that will always be there... that I can use over and over again for the rest of my life ... I think that's a no brainer


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      What's working better for you—direct or indirect openers? You're doing day or night game?


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        so far I've been doing direct only... It's working great for me... I'm having a lot of fun with it, .. and it doesn't really matter to me day or night to be honest... I do it both... I focus more on how I act vs. what's going on around me

        Thanks For The Post


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          greetings gentleman

          since my last post ... I learned a couple of new things from subzero ... we talked about how to roll ... delivery ... he helped me create a ritual to get in state ... and taught me how to keep growing my routine stack ... he is also helping me schedule my life a little better in order to achieve other successes outside of pick up but still simontaneously keep my focus on pick up

          my routine stack is consistently growing ... I want to say I have a 9% success rate (typo - 95%) with all of my routines ... now to be fair ... I havent kept up with my successes ... I don't have a chart that says 95% ... but it feels like 95% .. I can't really recal any rejections ... only interupts ... And those can be handled when I am in set ... I always control and lead the interaction to where I want it to go ... Or don't want it to go ... and getting in state is not only fun but it's not a problem anymore ...

          Gooooooooooo .... Team subzero!


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            What are his rates?