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  • 1-1 With Matador In LA

    Hi guys I'm new to the community and I just did a one to one with Matador in LA. It was quite hard for me because I live in Dubai and I had only 49hrs in LA so we tried to squeeze everything in 1 day.
    I had done a lot of material by myself before and then in the evening we went out sarging and even though I had not slept for about 20hrs, I couldn't sleep before the sarge. The flight from Dubai is 16hrs direct BTW but anyway..... It was during the week so clubs were not so packed, for the first time I opened some sets and managed to n-close 2 times. i was really proud of myself since I had never opened before so suddenly I had all the energy in the world, I now know that you just have to go for it!
    If you ask me to critique something I would say: The venues that we went to did not have us on the guest list so that is a bit low value but in the end i did not bother at all cause girls are everywhere and I was interested is improving my skills, so for anyone who is new like me I'd just say go for it initially with some canned material and practice that so that it comes fluently.
    I've had some successes straight away so overall I'm happy!It just has to come from within and you have to be the one to do it!!

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    How much did the one on one cost?


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      Cost Of One-on-One

      It cost me 2000$ - considering like investing in yourself!


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        Yeh it definitely is worth it.

        My cousin is planning on taking a bootcamp with Rob Judge and Zack Bauer. He says it's $1500 for a weekend and is telling me to join him.

        Since we're both in the NYC area, it's more conveniant than flying out to LA, but I'm not sold just yet.

        Thanks for the info.