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  • Mystery's Digital Photo Routine

    Does anyone know Mystery's Digital Photo Routine? I'm talking about the one where you go something like 1, 2, 3....4... she gets impatient and then you take the picture. You then zoom in on her face so she looks weird and show it to her (lowers her value). Then you go "ok now for real" and you take a smiling picture, a serious picture, and then a sexy picture (you tell her what you're going to do). Then there's something afterwards where you do something like "NO no no, that's not sexy. I'll show you." And somehow you make her kiss you.

    You guys remember the appropriate ending to that routine??

    Game On


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    I haven't heard of Mystery's routine, but I've done similar things. Taking pix for a set is a great automatic opener with easy opportunity to throw negs right off the bat (take a pic then say "aww, c'mon, what kind of expression is THAT? Hold, on I need another one"...then look at it and say "OH MY GOD! Wait, try again...look cute this time." etc). Always take several pix of them, and don't let them have the camera when they grab for it to see what the pix look like...say "no, no, no touchy, I haven't finished my work yet." Take another pic and say "now THAT's good." Then say "thanks guys" and start to walk away, still with their camera in your hand (be playful about it, not creepy). Of course, they'll start chasing you the first step you take away (duh, they have to)...but subconsciously, they're [U]CHASING[/U] you in other ways. Then move into next routine. They LOVE this stuff!


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      Nice opener - I'll try it out haha
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        Okay I was able to find it and copy it pretty much verbatim:

        Mystery's Digital Photo Routine - During rapport, Isolated on couch, shooting the shit, "I'm going to take a picture of you - cause this is a memory. It's really good to meet you. You know, you don't meet a lot of people you can feel close to in such a short time. Ok ready? 1, 2, 3... 4…. *take it when she is getting impatient with her eyes closed* then go in and zoom in on her so it looks terrible and say "Oh my god, look at THAT" and when she tells you to delete that, say "Are you kidding?? That's going on the internet!" then say "Ok how's this: this time we take another picture but this time I'll be in it - at least one of us will look good." Say "Come up close. Should we do this smiling, or serious? Oh hell, it's a digital camera, we can take millions of pictures. Let's do one serious. Ready?" *click* "Let's do one smiling." *click* "Alright. Let's do one more. Let's do one… sexy. Ready?" *look at her* "That's not sexy (IOD fashion). Okay, turn, look at me. Just turn your head a little bit, cause you're still going to look at the camera so they see your face - don't look directly at me. Just with your eyes (I'm confused here…) Now look real sexy… look into my eyes. That's a good girl." *put up camera* "Sexy… mmmmm" then go in for the kiss and take the picture. Then say "Alright let's check this out." You've got rapport and kino and you put her down just before already, so you can kiss her. Then you go back into the original picture that was ugly and zoomed in and say "Oh my god I actually kissed that! What a bad move Eric (your name)" and show it to her. "Okay I'm deleting that, you're right, you're absolutely right." Delete the picture. Go through the serious picture (say "Ok pretty good") then the happy one and say "You know what, we look good together" and if you hear her go "Mmmm yeah" you know you're IN and it's done. Then you switch to the one kissing and say "Wow... that looks good" and if she agrees you say "Come here…" and start making out with her.

        You can do this with a wing and he can force it on you by saying "You guys look so good together. I'm going to take a picture of you two" and he'll do all three pictures. "Do one serious. Alright do one smiling. Alright do one... sexy. No no, get closer, get closer - okay kiss each other. Good." If she doesn't want to kiss, also, you can say "Wow… your last boyfriend must've loved THAT about you." "Kisses like a fish…" etc.