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  • LuckyD's Number Close Routine

    Number close routine

    Pua: *We should at least Facebook eachother.

    HB: ok

    Pua: what your name and il add you

    HB: she will say her name

    Pua: "I bet you there is loads of" (say her name) on Facebook*

    "Give me your Email address so I can find you Easyer."

    At this stage pass her the phone so she has it in her hand to type in her email address*

    Once she starts tipping she would find it a bit ackward to type in her email address specially if your phone has predicted texts.

    At this stage say

    Pua:" As your struggling there you can just give me your number if you find it *Easyer"

    Because she is struggling, she will.

    I have number closed various girls due to this day and night.

    The key to the close is that they do have a Facebook account and that you have passed your phone on to them so that are holding it.

    Once the phone is in there hand is on.

    Just before you eject, Give them a miss call so they have your number to make sure is not a flake.


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    Just a thought, isnt getting a fb add the equivalent of a number close these days I mean if she gives you her real name thats a loi for sure?


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      I find facebook closes flake easyer as its harder to build connection due to that the only way you can make a conversation is by chat or private messages and also new flirtations arrive in her life.

      with a phone number you can call them and talk which leads to building raport quicker.

      the plus side of facebook is that if your profile page is good, you can DHV yourself easyer, as long as she looks at it.

      also you will find there are few girls girls out there that do not use facebook.

      take care.


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        Shouldn't this thread be in A1 category?