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  • The "I Never..." Drinking Game

    I have searched but couldn't find is this exist. I saw this game while watching Lost. Sawyer and Kate was playing this game and I think it is a good and fun game for getting know each other. Here is the game:

    I never.. can be played with several players. There is no ending time. There is one rule, saying TRUTH! and game is based on turn.

    A player just say such as: i never eat sushi. If anyone in the group (including the player asked) had eat sushi, sips his/her drink. if not, then doesn't sip. There is no answer, just drink or not drink. Then next player asks... get it?

    I think best phase is isolation. it looks similiar to question game. First start with normal questions then go on sexual (i didn't test it yet)

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    I've played it last Summer. It's fun, and people usually bring up sexual subjects from the get-go.


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      elaborate more.

      Originally posted by LeatherJacket View Post
      I've played it last Summer. It's fun, and people usually bring up sexual subjects from the get-go.
      Can you elaborate more? or a small transcript of your last incident would help.


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        I play that game all the time with friends. Here are some questions that I remember.

        Jenny: I never went to Japan. (I drink)
        Sandy(guy): I never had a threesome with a lesbian. (I drink)
        Me: I never been so drunk in my life. (no one drinks)
        Jenny: I never ate blowfish. (I drink)
        Sandy: I never ate horse. (I drink)
        Me: I am never going to tell you shit about me again.
        Jenny: You lied!
        Me: Fuck... (I drink)

        The game is played basically like that but we have some house rules.

        -If no one drinks you have to.
        -If you are caught in a lie you have to drink.
        -I you pass out you must have at least 3 dicks drawn on your face before you wake up.

        Have fun and experiment. It is an easy way to learn about a girl and her learn about you. Perfect comfort game.