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  • Emotional Trigger Mind Games

    right then guys ive been working on these for a while IM NOT TAKING CREDIT FOR THEM...just to clarify i dont know if they are allready in use but i do want to share and have feed back on what ive tried and tested...

    what ive been looking at is different ways you can trigger emotions via words and actions...ive found that the best results are from leading them on a journey of emotions (take there hand and walk through the door instead of drag)

    *COLOUR ASSOCIATION...i took this from styles book and changed it slightly... this is best performed when lying done and working on fore play......tell her to close her eyes and remember a certain situation where she felt a certain hold this emotion and associate with a coloured ball (the size of a golf ball) now touch a none threatening part of her body like the shoulder and talk through the journey saying line like when i place my hand on will feel the colour getting brighter and stronger...ask her to rate it out of 10.....continue this over varied parts of her body and the number and emotion will get higher and more intense

    *LIE DETECTOR..say how your a human lie detector in a set and she will ask you to prove your on her wrists so your fingers can feel a pulse...explain how your doing pulse raise,temp raise,eye movement,clenching of body parts ect...start with cold question like "have you ever been a naughty girl?? (her) no (you)lie....have you ever been caught having sex? (her) no (you) lie......was it in public?.....................basically asking questions that you will allready know the answer prove it works....then comes the beautifull part you ask are you attracted to me?? if she says yes bonus she says no then you call a lie and explain you can lie but your body cant...continue untill you get desired results

    *WALK THROUGH GAME....again close her eyes.....and walk her through a story...(make sure not to use details from her life as this will not match your details and shatter the image) now through this story all your doing is guiding her through images and scenarios but as a result striking different emotions (excitment,fear,happiness,horniness) what ever emotions you like you just need to tailor the walk through to the desired emotions

    i have a few more but have no time to put them up at the moment..

    tell me what you think guys good and bad feedback is welcome


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    another 2

    * this is less of a game and more of an observation....we all listen to music..and it triggers different emotions in us all...sadness,happiness,excitment ect.....when changing a venue in a set a good next venue was a salsa club..the beauty of this is if you can dance you will look a king if you cant then it works just as good because of the laugh factor....the music is uplifting,can vary rarley be associated with a previous memory(so you will set your own fresh one off) most people are in there as couple ect so you dont need to worry about the famous cock block and to her its less threatening theres many people around and all of them are happy and having fun

    and this ones just a cheap trick

    *mind reading...ask her 3 questions...."first pets name?...favourite place in the world? or white? will write down all 3 on a peice of paper ...she will either laugh and say cheat or be shocked you read her mind.........heres how it works....take 3 peices of paper and a pen ask question number one and tell here to think of the answer.....write on the paper black/white then fold it and place it in the middle of the table....ask what the answer was then look confuse(like you got it wrong) ask the second question and write down the answer she just told you...again fold it and place it and ask the answer..then ask black or white and write the previous answer down...fold and give all of the paper to her and ask her to open may of got the black or white one wrong bbut this is just a 50/50 chance...enjoy


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      Wow...those are really cool, i love visualization games because they usually get the girl really turned on and in an emotional state very fast. Stuff like this is also nice for when you are on dates with girls etc.

      Nice one man.