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  • Ideal Date NLP Pattern (Speed Seduction) - Please critique!

    This is a pattern I wrote and am going to use (roughly as you can't memorize all this shit...) and I was wondering if people could take a look and critique it.
    It's a little on the heavey side at the moment but it's a work in progress.

    You know I have to ask. If you were to imagine your ideal date with a person what would it be like? What kind of feelings would you like to feel and what kinds of things would you like to do with this person youíre thinking about. I mean the kind of date where you know youíre going to compare this ideal in your mind to every date you will ever go on and see if it matches up to just how good you can imagine this date would be. I remember you talked about when you have that feeling in your heart, like a wave of heat flowing through your body when youíre thinking about this person that youíre really attracted to. I think itís important to really picture that ideal date in your mind. With me when I think about what my ideal date would be, there would have to be this sense that you really want to be with this person. That having this person around you can make everything so much more fun. And that you just have to get close to them and really enjoy that sense of attraction and just the way you feel when you can just let yourself go to flirt around this person.
    As you sit here with me and you think about it long and hard I donít know if you can imagine this date, but I think when you do that it can really give you a clear picture of being on a date with a person that you can use to compare these feelings to any other date you might go on which means you can really find this person is for you.
    When I think about the ideal date with me itís all about how you would feel in this situation. I want a date where you just feel so excited even thinking about it. You have this sense of anticipation looking forward to it because when you think about this person it just makes you feel so good inside. From that place where you can experience all kinds of pleasure and enjoyment as you picture this person in your mind. And itís not necessarily what weíre doing when weíre on a date, like the kinds of places you would like to go with this person, or the kinds of events you would like to experience together, even though thatís a big part. Itís more about the fun that you can experience with this person and the way you can just allow yourself to indulge in this sense that you want to be with this person, like you feel intrigued just thinking about them. I think itís important that you admire this person too, for who they are which means you can really become fascinated and enthralled by whatever it is theyíre talking about.
    When I go on a date I want the woman Iím with to just enjoy the experience so much. Where you can just feel how much each other are enjoying it which means you can feel even better about it. I want it to be the kind of experience where you can imagine it being one of those amazing moments you will look back on for the rest of your life as one of those times that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

    Cheers for any help


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    I think I can help you out, its a little difficult though. Edit your post with the embedded commands being bold, space paragraphs, and, by your tonality of your post it seems like your talking with out actually pausing.. wich is CRITICALLY important.


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      Originally posted by goose__
      Anyhow, wtf is this?
      'I want it to be the kind of experience where you can imagine it being one of those amazing moments you will look back on for the rest of your life as one of those times that you will treasure for the rest of your life.'

      Pick one thought. Choose. Don't just go for everything, it reduces the power of your message. Do you prefer 'amazing moments' or 'time you will treasure'.
      I like the word treasure.

      Didn't notice that bit, thanks.

      To be honest this is something I just cobbled together in a few minutes in order to test the water and see if there was still SS interest in the community. It seems currently there is very little!




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        this thread is quite hard to follow but im assuming that this is a basis of a conversation to a woman..i like the angle you are taking..leading them on a mental journey or having her jumping through your hoops with ease.But the problem you have is you dont want her thinking back to previous dates because A: this can bring back bad feelings of an ex or B: you want her taking the whole mental adventure with you and not with somebody else in her mind..

        I would say from my experience you have a good basis there but tweek it to suit you and your personal game like...."close your eyes and imagine me and you on the perfect what are you thinking of...most will say something like a trip to an exotic island or something like that.....this is a good oppertunity to play the ming game like " oh well that says alot about your character,your like an adventure more than most,this is why your single/most lads dont seem to understand you,because you want the most from life and most seem like sheep ...following other expectations.(this is good because she thinks shit finnally a guy who understands and you have gone from getting her to activate her happy and excited emotions and then got her thinking about you.....and just like that you have the converstion she will remember and she will assciotiate them feelings with your face.....

        hope i have been some help