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  • Eskimo kisses kiss close.

    I discovered this like 3 - 4 weeks ago. Field tested it 9 times. 100% success.

    When you are running your comfort material and your kino has reached the spot when you should kiss, wait for 2 unconscious (or conscious) IOI's. Hug her. Start running some vulnerability or some kind of emotional routine while holding her (tested this even without talking - only looking into her eyes). Get close to her face with yours, start eskimo kissing. If she resists - hold back and roll off.
    If she complies - it is just like an inch to real kiss.

    It was tested WITH resistance and WITHOUT. If she resists - she needs more time and comfort. Second time you'll do this - she won't. She'll know what's all about.

    Anyway, 8 out of 9 of girls I field tested this, said it was REALLY romantic and sweet. 9th I have never met again.

    They WILL remember this.

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    hmmm what is eskimo kissing?


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      Rubbing your nose into hers. [url][/url]


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        Ok, I was imagining it was that.. just wasn't sure.

        A few years back I "created" my own few types of kiss closes.. even one that led directly into sex.. but now i realize the form is totally unimportant.. when you get comfortable enough that you can drop any habit and canned behaviour your mind is going to do the right thing at the right moment, and you get whatever it is you're going for in a simpler way and faster.
        I think I kiss close pretty much every time without ever doing it the same way.. which makes the kiss new every time


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          Originally posted by RAMM View Post
          I think I kiss close pretty much every time without ever doing it the same way.. which makes the kiss new every time
          Yeah, I do it the same way . But when I was a beginner, these kiss close tactics were very helpful. Becouse you know it WILL work. So now I decided to test this and do somethig good to the community


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            personally i think people need to stop thinking of a kiss as a close.


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              I agree with both of you.

              And, in the same fashion I'd like to share this "technique" I used to do, for full closes. It's really hard to explain in writing, would be alot easier to demonstrate.. but.. ok..

              I used this in comfort, when we were like on the counch hugging or something like that.
              I'd get very fascinated about some part of her body, like for example the shape of the bones. Especially the colar bone. So I'd like be touching and talking about every tingle bone in her body, saying how cool and perfect it is shaped. So you know, by touching the colar bone, you can then go to the sternum and breasta. By touching the spine you can go to her ass. So anyway I'd take it very slowly and genuinely appreciate this, and she would allow for her body to be explored like you're some science geek trying to learn about her body ahahah.. I don't use that now, but when I was learning it helped me a lot.

              Also, another technique, that works every time, guaranteed:
              Most guys, have a hard time getting sexual because they kinda strugle to find a way to remove her clothes. And it is hard, out of nowhere to remove her clothes. And well, with some girls it's easy, with others it's not easy. But this technique can also help you get out of the friends zone.

              So, she's fully dressed, and you're just hugging normally.. that is frontally, face to face.
              Btw, the hugging must be powerful, a real man hug, inbetween a massage and tight holding. Must feel very solid. Don't make apologies for touching and holding, if the touch is light it feels very insecure and you both get uncomfortable.
              Most guys, will have their hands on her back, and slowly let them slide down on her ass. As most of you have realized, to them it's not as big a deal as it seems, they will allow it. For example, it is a lot easier to go on her ass than it is to touch her on the front part. She will probably not let you touch her pussy frontally even with her pants on, but she allow you to touch her ass easily.
              So as I said, most people go for this. But what I do instead, when I slide my hand down, I'll have it pass under the pants and panties. And she won't stop me. I'd go down with a finger to the crack but not too much, at the same time I'm talking about something totally unrelated, then I move my hand back on the spine, then go down again, maybe once or twice, no hurry, but always, beneath her panties. The other hand might be going up and down her upper back.. it's like powerful massaging.
              If she's wearing real tight panta it's gonna be harder. So, at that point, I'll have my hand slide down through the whole crack until I have one finger in her pink. Then it's done.. you can still talk about bunnies and santa, but you're masturbating her. At some point she'll start moaning, you'll start making out and go harder on her with the finger, then, with the other hand you can unbotton her pants, and you can get anything you want.


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                Thanx mate (RAMM) these techniques sure are something not to laugh at!


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                  Haha thanks! So go get yourself a stinky finger :P

                  Make sure to share some love.. God know how much the world needs love right now..


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                    True true!
                    And i will