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  • Dunkaroos - nostalgia deep rapport builder

    So first a little back story. I was at work last week when a coworker came up to the lunch room and offered me a Dunkaroo. (one of those cookies with dip-able frosting) I hadn't had one of these since i was in middle school and it was rather fun.

    Now later that night I was out and ended up getting to the comfort stage. Now usually this is a sticking point for me but tonight would prove different. We were alone on a couch and I was desperately trying to keep the conversation going. All of a sudden it came to me. Dunkaroos!

    me: "you know I ate a dunkaroo today?"
    her: "oh wow"
    me: "ya it totally made me think back to when I was a kid in middle school and I use to go to school every day with my lunch box filled with them. I bet you use to have a hello kitty lunch box didn't you. You must have been so cute!"

    her: "your probably right I was so weird back then"
    her: "blaah blaah blaah"

    We then proceeded to to chat about our random happy childhood memories and I was able to easily escalate from there. Since then I've used it a few times and its absolute dynamite when it comes to starting up the comfort zone.

    Hope this helps some of you guys out. Any feedback would be awesome.

    P.S. If Dunkaroos weren't really around when you were a kid you can easily replace it for something else. Such as fruit roll up, cheese string, ect.