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  • Kino escalation

    Hello all,

    I don't understand kino escalation. For now I am able to open and attract girls properly, my sticking point is a little bit qualification but I am getting over it and I notice I get darn close. But In my opnion I donít get the full close because I donít kino escalate. And I believe if I Open attract Qualify and Kino I am getting close and closer. I watched some things about Kino escalation. You must use gambits so itís not awkward to touch the girl, so I applied that in my game here are a few.
    - Palmreading
    - Teaching her something
    - Talking about a gay friend whoís very touchy.
    - Thumbwresteling
    And more gambits of course.

    Now i am stuck whatís the use of the gambits why do I need the gambits? I want to embrace a girl for example or hold hands or sit on my lap, you know thatís the real kino right?

    My questions is how do I do this and whats the use of the kino gambits? Is it only to measure her comfort levels?

    And how do I transition to handholding or sitting or lap for example? E.g. letís say I do some palmreading or salsa how do I transition to handholding for example or sit on Lap, or stroking the girl on the arm? ďShould I just do it like ďsit on my lapĒ

    I saw some videoís from mystery about it, so itís just doing it right?

    Can someone explain me this, itís a little sticking point for me ?

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    Start out with the gambits, to get the kino started. You can also just brush her arm while talking to her, or clap her on the shoulder while you're talking to her, and then release while continuing to talk.

    To get her to hand hold, one of the things Mystery would do, is as he is talking, he would put his hands out in front of him, while still talking naturally, and she may put her hands in his, then he lowers them slowly, and if she follows, then you can hold her hands for a little bit, but be sure to release before she does!

    Sitting on the lap is a little bit different, but it will come with time and practice! I don't have any little tricks for that just yet.


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      I've just started out and I must say that Kino is very much well the key to getting the woman acustomed to your touch, and then leading into kissing etc.

      On one of my sets I was playing a slot machine and the target had been identified as good luck. I won $10 on a spin and we all high-fived and I commented how the target was good luck. Then a couple of minutes later I won the feature on the machine and I slapped her leg with a yeah-ha attitdue(she was wearing jeans and it made a slap noise). There was no negative reaction.

      On the next date after dinner we were in the lounge area of the club and we were sitting next to each other, side by side. As she was talking I ran my finger through her hair to tuck her hair behind her ear which revealed her neck. She looked at me and smiled while continuing talking. Not long after that I kissed her, after the kiss I whispered in her ear that I just couldn't resist any longer.

      It's all about initiating those little touches, pokes, slaps, whatever it is that allows you to touch her more each time. Try it, you will be suprised how effective it is. For example when you meet her on a date you will most likely kiss her on the cheek as a greeting, put your arm around her waist. Then later when you say goodbye and kiss her on the check again you can put your hand on her waist but lower this time, pretty much well on the top curve of her arse.

      Thank you Mystery for making this happen for us