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  • C1 Grounding Routine - Check This out (untested, please critique!)

    What do you guys think, what needs to be edited/added, DHV Spikes, Attraction switches, Emotional switches, Grammer checked, etc etc...

    When I was a kid I wanted to be a singer I was like 8 years old, we had these studio computers at school and I would write songs on them. The teacher found out and got really mad, it was a catholic school and didnít allow that, so they set up a meeting with my whole family and decided to transfer me schools because they didnít like my taste in music.

    I tried joining a dance team, and did that for awhile, then my city had a water polo team, and I love to swim so I joined the team. The best part of the team, that I liked the most, on Christmas we would goto hospitals and sing carols for the people in the hospital for support and love. On my first water polo tournament It was an an outdoor pool and super freezing, I was just wearing my speedoís. I thought it was going to be too cold to play, so I started getting fear that we were going to lose, but what ended up happening we actually did really good, it was a tie and my buddy passed me the ball and I made the shot on the last round, and after we went to celebrate.

    Water polo got really repetitive for me so I tried basketball, football which I actually did really good in, soccer, and then I tried skateboarding. When I did that it was like I fell in love with my skateboard, I didnít want to stop riding it, It was the funnest thing ever, I would practice at the park back when they used to let people skate there, and I had all these cool skater friends, my favorite place to skate at is venice beach, its perfect to skate there, because the weather feels good and theres a nice breeze from the ocean, that was my favorite skating spot. Skateboarding was really cool, we would break into factories and do some crazy tricks off the loading docks, my favorite trick was the 360 flip. Now one day Iím chillin at the park with my skateboard, and the cops come and chase us away, it was nerve recking. I had to goto court and all this blab la bla.

    But the cool part was, the judge his son was a skateboarder too, and he let us off easy. And also he told us about this upcoming skateboard competition coming up in a few weeks. I decided to go and my friends come along. We get to the skateboard and we see a lot of good skaters. So we are doing a skateboard competition and I donít even know how, but I won the competition it was funny, I was like what did I do? I was just skating around, having fun. So they give me a cool skateboard to take home, and a wrist band for free food, and drinks

    When I got a little older I started getting into DJing, I had got this little thing to make my own music, it was actually my uncles but he didnít like my using it. I but I didnít care I used it anyways, so when he finds out he puts a lock on his door, then Iím like shit man what am I gonna do, so I decicded to get my first job working for summer camps, and I built my own computer so I can continue making music on my own.

    When I saw my first skateboard video it was baker 3, I watched it like literally 100 times, and I wanted to make a skateboard movie sooo badly. So I got a camera, and made a few videos with my friends, and I edited them on the computer. Oh yeah I wouldnít even goto school on most days I would just go and skate. It was funny because I was on the wrestling team, and I would just leave school, and everyone would be all pissed off cause the teacher still passed me with a grade. I also built like a few skateboard ramps out of wood until I left them in the street and a car ran it over. It made a funny sound like DUUU DUMPPPP. And the wood breaks. I was like I decided I wanted to try a crazy trick and told my friend to drive the car while I hang on to the bumper. Hes driving and Iím like go faster go faster, and we are going fast all down the street, there are no cars around so its good, its also night time so I cant really see anything,anyways we are going fast down the street, and suddenly my skateboard starts to wobble, I let go of the car, and I hit a rock and he slows down and I go flying over the car rolling on the hood and he breaks and I landed on the ground luckily I had my backpack on, and the funny thing I didnít even notice he was like look at ur hand and I look and It was cut, so I was kind scared for a while thinking why did I even do that

    So awhile back, I was just skateboarding, going out, having fun with my friends, and making mini skateboard movies. Now Iím really back into music, and acting. Right now Iím going to music school, and also taking dancing and martial arts classes, then I am going to get into acting and film making I really love going up on stage or being in a little movie of some sort, I have this short film of me eating a really hot chili, but we wont get into that. So I now want to move to Hollywood and be a producer, and pursue my dream. I know its going to be really hard, I have cool friends that are living out there, and it would be really cool to travel around the world and get in all sorts of movies. So now this is where I learned the 3 secrets of successful personal power. 1. To have to skill or ability to specificly define what it is you want. 2. Having a passion , a reason, energizing purpose to do what you want to do. And 3. Having that bonding power with others, they way to make sure your happy is to make sure you have a connection with others. So now I feel totally lucky to be where I am at now, and I feel like the universe is aligning to help me, and if what your doing is actually aligned with your passion and soulÖfate will make sure you get to where ever it is you are ment to go.

    Ideas, critique, discuss=

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    Howdy bro,

    There's a LOT of good stuff in here, but the story kind of goes all over the place. You need to focus on how these stories tie together to paint a picture of who you are.

    The idea of a grounding routine is that it should help the girl understand who you are, how you got to where you are, and where you you plan on that order. It needs to convey your identity and then give her a brief glimpse into your life to help her relate and empathize with you. Your routine gives a very thorough look into your past and provides some important stories from your life, but it doesn't feel like it's defining who you are. It feels more like a collection of childhood stories rather than a single, flowing narrative. Don't get me wrong here, what you've written has a lot of DHVs and emotional switches. It's more the structure of your story that needs some tweaking.

    If you look at Mystery's classic routine about becoming an illusionist, he first explains that he is an illusionist (thus introducing who he is) before going into a story from his childhood about his first magic show and talking about his progression into who he is now and where he plans on going next. The thing to keep in mind when writing these is that it has to flow logically and it has to stay on track. In Mystery's routine, he is an illusionist so he only talks about his experiences while becoming an illusionist.

    With your routine, you need to express your identity, then tell the earliest story from your past that directly relates to your identity, and then pick and choose from the stories above and demonstrate your transformation from the child in the first story to the man you are now.

    Hope that helps brother! Ask questions if I wasn't clear anywhere (I'm VERY hungover right now).

    Happy sarging,