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  • Extremer's Famous Kiss Gambit: finally revealed 2 venusian arts forum

    "Let her imagine, taste and feel the kiss just few moments before the actual one and it will be the best kiss in her life"

    A lot of people dunno how 2 kiss close or they r not sure when is the right time. I think the great answer 2 that is Matadors line - "there's no right time - u just go there and make it happen" So here is the technique that allows u 2 make this happen whenever u want - personally i feel absolute power when i ask girl if she wants 2 kiss me cz i already know the answer before she does. So here's the technique that i personally developed and called Kiss Gambit it worked 100% of the time with me so far so believe me u do want 2 try this technology - this is the real deal. So basically what it does is it allows 2 kiss a girl even if your game isn't solid enough, or u haven't been able 2 upload enough amounts of DHVs into girls head and anyway it allows 2 speed up the process. And u can use this technique anywhere and anytime.
    So here is the technique:
    -> Sit with a girl close enough 2 touch her.
    -> It is better (but not necessary) if u tell her some dhv story in the same time kino escalating the target just so she doesn't freak out when u kiss her - although u can kino her in the process
    -> After that ask her 2 imagine a feeling of happiness, ask her 2 focus on it and amplify and in this exact moment anchor the feeling (lets say for example by touching her lap), (don't worry about her not allowing you to touch her or taking your hand off as it has never happened to me - i explain that by the feeling of happiness she is experiencing in the moment).
    -> Do a pattern interrupt (so everything u say afterwards goes directly into subconscious mind)
    -> Afterwords tell her some story (preferably dhv one) in the same time touching her lap on each of the following words: "u" "want" "to" "kiss" "me". It is like u tell some story and then touch her lap on word "you", then do a story for a little more and then again touch her lap on the word "want" and so on... By doing so u connect the state of euphoria 2 the kissing with you.
    After u finish embeded commands
    -> Do pattern interrupt and then
    -> go for mystery's kiss close - Do u want 2 kiss me? With me answer was yes all the time but jst in case she says no say "That doesnt mean i would let u it is just u looked like u had something in mind" And anything other than yes or no (like i dunno, maybe, im not sure...) answer with lets find out (again credits 2 mystery) and kiss her.

    P.S. You don't have to kino her before the process, do pattern interrupts, or use dhv stories - it just amplifies the thing - i do only a little kino, never use dhv stories and i often forget pattern interrupts - works anyway.

    P.S.S. You can change words and the feeling depending on a situation - feel free 2 experiment.

    Sincerely urs
    Extremer XD
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    I don't personally like this, it reminds me of the October man sequence a bit.

    I want a girl to kiss me because she is attracted to me, and will only use light NLP (such as body language etc). But to get a girl to kiss you by NLP is, IMO not right.

    Besides, she will surely flake on you if you make out using this? Or do you get many day 2's with this?

    Look forward to your response.

    - Smooyth -


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      I used it many times with great success and no i didn't get any flakes when i was kiss closing with this specific routine. I don't think flakes have anything to do with how much nlp do u use - it is more about how much girl invests into your interaction, whether did u create an emotional bond and how strong this bond is and also how really is she attracted to you. But of course to each his own - right now i dnt even use any kiss close routines - i escalate, create sexual tension and kiss close naturally.


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        Yeah, I definitely like that a lot better. I think the kiss close is more to do with your inner game and how confident you are in yourself as apposed to what you say.

        When I was an AFC I would know when to kiss and think "KISS HER!!DO ITT!!", but I never pulled the trigger. Now I'm like "Come here you.." Hold the face/brush hair to side and kiss.

        - Smooyth -


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          Hey. This is a great method, but I don't understand one thing about NLP from the basics:
          why the phrase you try to tell the girl is "you want to kiss me", not "I want to kiss you"? I mean, NLP is working subconsciously, right? If so, then why doesn't she take that phrase as "he wants me to kiss him".

          If she DOES take that NLP method as "he wants to kiss me", then what the heck do you have to use it for? I understand there'll be more "magic" if she'll feel that, but there are thousands other ways to tell a girl you like and want to kiss her? What benefits are of the NLP here?


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            It is both a matter of subconscious suggestion and embedded commands, so for example:

            "You want to..." <-- suggesting that she really does WANT to, feels a desire to... causing her to explore the thought and emotion of this within herself, opening to it...
            "Kiss me" <-- An embedded command, as in, "kiss me now".

            Whereas "I want to kiss you" is simply telling her something that you want, possibly in a needy fashion, and possibly expecting that that desire will not be fulfilled.


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              escalate, create sexual tension and kiss close naturally ? how to do this?
              And how to learn NLP techniques?